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Poor, fixated Ramachandra Guha harps on the same string

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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

The unending saga of Kashmir goes on with the liberal journalists and columnists of India to Washington Post and New York Times (and sometimes in Hindustan Times, of course) continue to write in negative, portraying the country, India to be repressive. These journalists now got a new lease of life along with other journalists from the West to bait the ruling government to their heart’s content.

They are now, worried of the detention of leaders in Kashmir. They were never worried when such ‘preventive detentions’ happened earlier in the country in other states with other leaders! They never cared of that other leaders’ civil rights! Their hearts bleed only for the Muslim Mufti-Abdullah’s and civilians of Kashmir Valley, as if rest of India is not of their concern. They never talk about Kashmiri Pandits and their plights. And also, how the Pandits were dragged from their homeland to mainland outside. They don’t realize, with the abrogation of Article-370, the newly formed states are like any other states in India and the Centre could ensure peace in the manner that befits.

It’s not the world leaders that are asking questions on Kashmir. It’s the western media and their cohorts here, are asking these questions showing their congenital sympathy – to stand for the cause of -only one section of- Valley people. They are just trying to corner the government knowing pretty well what could be the result of freeing the leaders in this sensitive state. They also know what could be the end game, if people are generously allowed to have their sway. These journalists want such environment to be created to their advantage to write many more columns.

One of the famous journalists, in a panel discussion on a TV Show said, they (journalists) don’t bother about the peaceful areas of Jammu & Ladak. They bother only where there is a conflict. Hence their attention is on Kashmir Valley alone. What a cheek! Catching hold of that teeny-tiny Kashmir Valley, they would like to promote (the erstwhile state) J&K is under turmoil after bifurcation. Their jaundiced eyes see things in the same colour.

The unruly elements in Kashmir are up in arms to fight with the armed forces, once they are let loose. What’s the drive behind them? Pakistan and these journalists! These journalists are giving fillip to Pakistan to have its say. Other than that, what’s the bigger cause they are serving for? Bernie Sanders of America, knows nothing of India and its history. Yet he talks of Kashmir Valley because as it is dominated by Muslims and he wants the votes of that particular section in his country. It’s a plain truth. But Indian Liberals cite him as if he were some great man revealing some gospel truth.

Even while stating Kashmir- Pandits humiliation, the liberal journalists needlessly blame the Hindutva forces. For instance, in his recent article, ‘The Many Tragedies of the Kashmiri Pandits’, Ramachandra Guha writes as a headline: “Through the 1990s, as Pandits fought, heroically, to build their lives outside Kashmir, they themselves facing a (fourth) tragedy-that they were becoming the cat’s paw of a rising Hindutva. From being killed and forced to flee their homes to seeing their suffering being used, or misused, by Hindutva to gloss over its own anti-Muslim violence, the story of Kashmiri Pandits is tragic.”

Nobody knows what is so heroic in building lives outside Kashmir for Pandits as stated by Guha. No one else, except Hindutva forces that raised the issue of Kashmir Pandits and their plights. Guha had not opened his mouth then to utter a word. His own Left leaning intellectuals and parties were mum then. Even the Congress, afraid of losing minority Muslim votes, never admitted the fact that driving away Pandits from their dwellings in the Valley and also from their state, was wrong. They were all mute spectators to the mass exodus, only for the reason that the ejected were Hindus. The only people who raised the Pandits’ issue were the Hindutva forces. Mr Guha is unwisely blaming them.

Mr Guha further writes, “… the abrogation of Article 370, and the savage state repression which has followed, is being welcomed across India as just retribution for what was done to the Pandits.” What kind of an inference! How could he come to that conclusion on behalf of people across India? Across India people think that abrogation of Article 370 was a right step because people of all states get parity and no state is above the other. Undoubtedly, Guha wants to sow seeds of separatism in the minds of communities by his writings.

Guha’s communal mind goes further to say that all of India is communal. He writes, “The young Kashmiris now locked up in jail, shut away in their homes, denied access to their families, and facing shortages of food, medicines and other essential items had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to the Pandits in the early 1990s.” If R Guha opines they have nothing to do with 1990s, that’s enough? Okay, they were either not born or were toddlers then. Did they condemn after they grew up? Some youngsters in the Valley support and some participate in these Jihadi/ Azadi movements, what about them? Guha would like to pamper them or their movements? Never comments on why these youngsters of the Valley do, what they do.

He continued to write, “Yet, in the unforgiving and increasingly communalized Indian mind, they (Kashmiri Muslims) must now bear the costs.” What costs are they bearing when the government machinery is in full swing to supply all, in the Valley? What would Guha gain by painting a pathetic figure, other than pleasing his pals?

Though he titled his article, ‘The Many Tragedies of the Kashmiri Pandits’, his sympathies were elsewhere. This is the typical mindset of Liberal thinkers. They have a fixated mind and have sympathies where there are fissiparous tendencies that try to break the country. In this sensitive moment, they want all civil rights to thrive in the Valley, so that there could be enough disturbances to the government and the country. No wonder these liberals are called: thukde, thukde gang.


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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer
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