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How dare I?

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Desi Writer
Desi Writer
A writer by passion and student by action. Hate to keep quiet.

Greta Thunberg thundered at the UN, with her “How Dare You”, that was received widely by the entire world, with people asking to take inspiration from the 16-year-old, who challenged the world leaders.

Greta spoke for a great cause, but that doesn’t give her immunity to criticism, and a human, born in a free world, I exactly elaborate through the article, why I found Greta’s speech hollow, arrogant and hopeless and the much hype around her useless.

The very way by which Greta asked the audience, which comprised of world leaders, “How Dare You”, shows the lack of respect for adults, much elder to her on her side. Even though the current generation of adults has taken part in destroying the environment, one can not blame each one of them for what has happened, it is simply uncalled for.

The greatest irony though, of her speech was that IT DID NO GOOD, neither will IT DO ANY GOOD. Why? Simply because she addressed an urban crowd, mostly well-educated world leaders and dignitaries, and we can very well guess that all those people present there, KNOW about climate change, and its effects. After all, decades have passed since we have been discussing Climate Change, and mostly, we all know about it. All that has been done in all those years is “talking”, and we can very well note the results of decades of advice being given out by scientists and eminent citizens, that is NOTHING. Instead, we have moved inches closer to a worldwide catastrophe.

In spite of knowing this, Greta chose to deliver the speech that would eventually be hailed by “Mercedes Marxists” as revolutionary. Well tell me, didn’t we know of it earlier? Of course, we did! So does a young girl with a disease giving the same speech make any difference? Apparently it does! Without any offence to Greta and her disease, I would like to state that unknowingly she has become a prey to the Leftist Cabal, who have time and again used children as a prop for advancing their agenda. Here, their agenda is anti-development.

Further in her speech, Ms Thunberg says,” We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.” This is perhaps the segment of her speech that is the most disturbing and shows the anti-development agenda of activism.

Any partly educated person can easily tell the blunder she has committed in the ill framed line of hers. In the current situation of our world, there lie no prospects in coming up with a solution to Climate Change without economic growth. To pull nations in general and the world in all out of the disaster we stepped into, what is needed is proper economic policies and not teenage noise. Money is the key in this battle of climate change.

I would very humbly pose a question to Greta, that how exactly do you plan to make the earth carbon positive by shunning economic growth? Wonders won’t happen by your claiming that economic policies will not solve climate change. Do you want us all of a sudden to return to a primaeval state of living? Do you want us to go back to using bullock carts and live in the caves?

“Development is not harmful if it is sustainable.”

What we should rather demand is sustainable development and not the abandonment of development. Let’s say we abandon all that we have achieved through science since the millenniums, and go back to living like cavemen( and women for the feminists!), can we guarantee, that in the future, the human race will not rediscover all that we had and recycle this process of environmental destruction? We can’t expect messiahs like Greta to be reborn time and again to save humanity, can we?

Rather than making our future generations re-undergo this trouble, we should hand them down an Earth where there are clean energy and green life.

Lastly, the biggest problem of the entire Greta episode is that even if you let her go of all the blunders she committed throughout the speech, the hype around her is totally undeserving. Just because she made noise while doing activism, doesn’t mean she is the only one.

Saalumarada Thimmakka planted 385 banyan trees along a four-kilometre stretch of highway. She has also planted nearly 8000 other trees for which she was awarded Padma Shri. This is what one can call an inspiration. In spite of her old age, she did a splendid job.

The Indian army, whom Indian liberals love to demonise, cleared 130 tonnes of solid waste from Siachen Glacier, but they won’t trend because they didn’t say, “How Dare You”, in a disrespectful manner to the world leaders.

It is very easy for Greta to say all these, after all, she comes from a developed country, that satisfies all her needs, (wonder which dream of hers is unfulfilled), where children like her can afford to even bunk school in the name of activism. In my country, children die because they don’t have a proper power supply because they don’t have modern benefits, they don’t have electricity, they burn coal for power. They cannot afford to go to school, let alone bunk it.

Thanks to social media, which spotted a picture of Greta’s where she’s found eating food out of plastic containers. So, was the activism all fake? Maybe not, maybe she’s genuinely concerned, but when she’s not ready to give up luxuries of life when she herself travelled in a jet that produces so much carbon footprint, HOW DARE SHE EXPECT OTHERS TO MAKE ALL THE SACRIFICES?

It would be much appreciated if she would have not delivered the speech, which as discussed above made no difference, instead, her speaking emitted more carbon dioxide than regular, which hey, is a greenhouse gas! If she would have had rather planted even as many trees as the number of minutes she spoke, would have had made a much larger effect.

All in all, Greta did have good in her mind(probably), but her arrogance puts to question her real agenda. Can the world risk to have its environmental policy be dictated by a sixteen-year-old, how so ever genuine her concern maybe? It is the time we answer the harder questions and not worry about offending people, as some people build their lives out of this. Climate Change is real, and so our steps to reverse its effects so also be REAL and not apparent.

In Bharat, a true Karma Yogi is always respected, and hence, I’d request Greta Thunberg to be a selfless Karma Yogi and not just a pawn of the Leftists, after all her cause is a good one!

Lastly, dear audience, keep wondering “How Dare I”, wrote this for a future Nobel Laureate, but that won’t make me change my stance.

This is a serious, well-thought opinion from one sixteen years old to another!

Best of luck, Greta!


  1. “Mercedes Marxists”-Shefali Vaidya

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Desi Writer
Desi Writer
A writer by passion and student by action. Hate to keep quiet.
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