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Congress tries to distort facts on Chidambaram’s arrest, scare monger among officials of collective decision

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As usual, the party of the dynast is trying to confuse the people of this country by saying that the reason why Chidambaram is in jail is due to collective decision taken by his ministry in INX media.

The real issue is not about the decision or whether the decision has gone wrong but is all about money trail. The issue being investigated is whether P Chidambaram has benefited his son and his alleged bennamie firms directly and or indirectly as Minister of Finance?

The prime accused who is in prison in connection with murder charge has given evidence that she had paid money to the minister. Some trail of the money and its direct link could be established as claimed by the investigating agencies and the details and material evidences collected so far are sufficient to establish a definite scam but further investigation is required was the argument of the investigating agency.

The detailed submitted by the agency to special court and Honourable Supreme Court, came in one voice that indeed P Chidambaram must submit himself to thorough investigation and court cannot grant bail to P Chidambaram or prevent the agency from arresting him as such an intervention would prevent the freedom and autonomy of the investigating agency from investigating the truth.

As usual, the congress party wants to play down the evidences of the case and wants to divert the attention of public as well as wants to cause panic among the officials by serving a forewarning that if they sign any file, they also can be prosecuted and jailed like P Chidambaram. Such war cry of congress party rooted through its accidental prime minister who upholds coalition dharma is so farcical and diversionary which is not going work hereafter in India.

The point is not whether P Chidambaram is guilty or innocent but the case is not about mere signing the file. If signing of the file were the case, before P Chidambaram many other officials would have also been arrested but nothing of such sort has happened.

If the arrest of P Chidambaram was political, how the special court and Honourable Supreme Court of India can speak in one voice denying anticipatory bail to him? If P Chidambaram was so innocent and the case was political, why then he went for anticipatory bail for nearly over 1 year as he knows the law better than many that the political witch hunt will not stay in court of law. P Chidambaram knows better than anyone as he himself was a master of political with-hunt when he was the minister.

People of India strongly believe that some substance is there in P Chidambaram’s arrest and like P Chidambaram; Congress party also has lot to worry. The question is whether the investigating agencies would prove the evidences beyond doubt and ensure punishment to P Chidambaram and all other guilty or at the end P Chidambaram would walk out a martyr, time only can prove.  Since the investigating agency has acted slow people hope that the agency has undeniable substance to implicate P Chidambaram in court of law.

The challenge before PM Modi is that the guilt of P Chidambaram must be proved soon and punishment must be ensured if he is guilty. Otherwise the entire exercise can backfire and swallow the good image of PM Modi and may even help the congress party to revive its image.

Congress party is known for false propaganda and the best example is its dynast who is known for spreading lies and hatred against PM Modi by calling chowkidar chor. Finally the people of India has proved that the one who finds his freedom in India on bail has to be assumed as chor and not the one who is the embodiment of truth, honesty, merit and fulfills the agenda of development and sab ka vikas.

People of India must be watchful and vigilant not to fall prey to the negative and false propaganda of congress party, DMK and other tukde tukde gangs. Let us save India by rendering our unconditional support to PM Modi and defeat all dynastic forces and corrupt politics.

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