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NMC – Let us bring merit and ethics in medical education and practice, define AYUSH for paramedical benefit

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The National Medical Council (NMC) bill was passed both in parliament and Rajya sabha granting the bill the much needed legal sanctity. The bill would replace the 63 year old Medical Council of India (MCI) act of 1956. More than any regulation in our medical education and profession through an enactment of a stringent law, the ethical aspects of medical profession needs to be regulated otherwise our health care delivery system would suffer greatly and the poor people will be the natural victims of the exploitation by the treating physician. Ignorance, utter helplessness and penury of the patients are rampantly getting exploited and which is a day light truth in India.

Subjecting poor patients to unnecessary diagnosis, warranting them to avoidable surgery, prolonged hospitalization, overburdening them with unwanted prescription etc., are really plaguing our health care delivery system in private. Fortunately and or unfortunately the greater proportion of our health care delivery is being offered by private sector and the individual private medical practitioners in India. Due to callous attitude of some doctors in government hospitals and poor medical attention, even the people under unaffordable income group also started to move towards individual medical practitioners or private hospitals than government hospitals. Further most of the doctors in government hospitals are focusing more on their private practice than be honest and prudent to their responsibility in the government hospitals they work.

Cash based admission of students to MBBS course, lack of merit and other vested influences also have rotten the medical profession in India which has lost all its ethics and basic bare minimum norms. How to earn, how to exploit, how to make deals with either the diagnostic centre or with drug manufacturing companies are the most common thinking of some medical practitioners in India.

The problem that plagues our medical education and delivery system is lack of ethics and greed for money and how to set right the affront investment that has been made to secure admission to MBBS seat. Therefore a stringent law is necessary to regulate the medical education and profession to put them on right track, otherwise our health care delivery system may pose as big a threat to our existence like terrorism. Untreatable corruption in the MCI administration also had consciously destroyed both medical education and medical profession in India.

Heartless attitude and merciless approach is only largely riding the medical profession although a few honest medical professionals are there in our system, but their voice is least audible in the society.

Medical education must be made stringent, merit alone must be weighed and not mark moderation to increase the percentage of passed out students. The National Exit Test (NEXT) must be conducted at par with the entrance exam of IISc, IAS or other all India level entrance exams for Ph.D admission and only then quality medical graduates can be produced. Based on the rank of the students in NEXT, the students must be made clear whether they should settle in private practice with basic degree or can seek admission in non-clinical side or are eligible of PG admission in super specialty.

The role of state government in deciding the above subject must be eliminated and NMC and central government alone must have the power to decide. Merit and not any other practices that may deter merit should prevail in medical education. Otherwise we may destroy the future of India. With enormous development initiatives and transformations brought about by PM Narendra Modi, if we do not reform our medical education and medical profession with high level of merit and ethics, India shall remain backward and regressive country.

Along with NMC, the role of AYUSH for paramedical support must be clearly defined so that AYUSH could serve the humanity in a better way than getting misused. Through such proper definition of AYUSH as a paramedical health and wellness based practise our country also can avails the large human resource in AYUSH for various paramedical and pre-medical health delivery purposes.

PM Modi has indeed set his heart and head into reform India and take India to greater heights of success and glory, every Indian must offer unconditional support to PM Modi to make India a great country.

S Ranganathan

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