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CBI’s paradise lost and paradise re-gained moments

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Finally, the CBI was granted 5-day custody of P Chidambaram, former home and finance minister of India by the court, till August 26, 2019.  The track record of CBI in proving the guilty and ensuring punishment and meting out justice is abysmally poor.  But the recent permission to have custodial interrogation of P Chidambaram, the CBI must use appropriately and must prove the guilt of P Chidambaram if he is really guilty.

CBI has been accused of a caged parrot and ineffective investigative agency and such impression have been on the surface of the earth for quite long.  Congress party has really got such reputation to CBI by interfering with the independence of CBI whenever the person under investigation is if belongs to the party.

From 2014 till date, India has been seeing and experiencing the transformation of new India under Modiji.  The fight of Modiji to annihilate corruption and nepotism at root is well known.  The record of Modiji as the most honest and incorruptible leader is also well known even to a growing foetus in the womb.  Therefore people see it is the duty of Modiji to ensure all those suspected of having committed various crimes against this country must be tried and punished if proven guilty.  CBI and ED were given complete freedom and independence and demanded commitment, responsibility and accountability by the Modi government.  Unlike congress party which was seen as using all the investigating agencies against its opponents to settle political vendetta but Modiji on the contrary, wants justice and law to prevail and not the politics of witch-hunt or a political vendetta.  That remarkable leadership quality and character only differentiate Modiji from the rest.  Modiji is a true patriot and avatar of dharma and honesty.

Like Milton’s paradise lost, the sheen and glister of CBI were lost when Congress was in power.  But the opportunity for the CBI to regain its lost glory and reputation has come.  CBI must investigate and must nail the culprit. The case against P Chidambaram should not be seen as another 2G.  In the court, CBI had indeed argued with a series of evidence and legal logics to get the custodial interrogation of P Chidambaram who was on anticipatory bail since time immemorial to avoid arrest by CBI and ED.

Since the CBI could convince the learned judge with sufficient evidence and materials to get the custodial interrogation of the high profiled politicians like P Chidambaram means the CBI can certainly bring out several hidden truths through further investigation.  Unless CBI is sufficiently convinced of a possible crime with the material evidence available with it, it would not have moved the court and convinced the judge to grant permission for custodial interrogation of P Chidambaram.  Therefore CBI must quickly close the investigation by establishing all links and evidence to bring the investigation to a logical end.  Otherwise, the entire exercise, efforts and hard-work of CBI would once again prove the CBI to be in-efficient and in-effective.  Further such situation also may defame the efforts of PM Modi against corruption and nepotism.

The responsibility of CBI is therefore quite high, it has to regain its lost paradise and must ensure the mission of Modiji to fight corruption and nepotism is true, sincere and honest.

If CBI could establish the financial crime being committed by P Chidambaram beyond any doubt and ensure punishment, such an act would not only improve the glory and reputation of CBI but also of the government.

Most of the opposition parties were keep asking what Modiji has done against corruption and how many corrupt netas have been punished so far.  When action is initiated and the investigating agencies are asked to speed up the investigation against all those alleged with prima facia evidence without looking into their social, financial or political status or antecedent, the same opposition parties now cry witch-hunt and political vendetta.

People of India have clearly understood how corrupt are most of the opposition parties and that is why people of India have given a massive mandate to Modiji both in 2014 and again in 2019, therefore Modiji must tirelessly work to nail all culprits and criminals in politics and public life.  Only then a bigger victory Modiji can achieve for India through BJP in 2024.

The permission for custodial interrogation of P Chidambaram, CBI must use it appropriately and must establish a crime.  If CBI could establish all allegations are founded on solid evidence and ensure punishment, certainly such an effort would benefit India in a triple way, one CBI could regain its lost paradise, will boost the image of the Government headed by Modiji and also would send a stern message to all those corrupts that they cannot enter politics hereafter to loot the nation.

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