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AIADMK must play spiritual politics while congress must cut DMK to size as DMK is all time weak after Vellore poll

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The victory of DMK candidate in the recently held parliamentary constituency election in Vellore is in true sense victory for Duraimurugan than for Stalin. Several sycophants of Stalin, post parliament election have started to refer Stalin as the chief minister in waiting, chief minister of people yet to be sworn in, the future of TN etc.

The massive victory enjoyed by DMK in the last parliament election would naturally make anyone say DMK is the party going to rule the state whenever the next election is held. But all such descriptions, alliterations and assonances got shattered by the victory of the margin of DMK candidate in Vellore. In true sense, the DMK just managed the victory but lost the battle and the possible chief minister ambition of DMK president Stalin.

Post parliament election, DMK has started to ridicule the congress party and even went to an extent to say congress party is a liability and why should DMK carry such burden/baggage.  But the Vellore election result has put the DMK in the back foot and made to swallow all those words it spits out in public against congress party.


The present situation, congress party must use to its advantage. DMK always claims that it stands for social justice and upliftment of the backward community. Congress party must train its gun to dare the DMK by asking the alliance to project the name of Thirumavalavan of VCK as the chief minister candidate of the alliance to re-assure the people of Tamil Nadu that Stalin is not after power or chief minister post but is deeply committed to social justice.

Congress must use this opportunity to firm up its position. Without congress, DMK cannot win (may not necessarily be the electoral battle but the perception battle among minority community). Minority community stood behind DMK only because of congress party and VCK, otherwise, they would have voted against DMK.

In assembly election, the victory margin can reduce further to just 1000 or fewer votes and hence DMK must carry congress party like a crown if DMK ever wants to come to power. If congress and VCK allow DMK to come to power with their support and these parties choose to remain second fiddle to DMK, both VCK and congress party can never gain any relevance in Tamil Nadu politics in future. A weak DMK is therefore necessary for congress and VCK. They can weaken DMK further only when they play assertive and proactive politics.


Nearly 10 years DMK is out of power. It is a do or die battle for DMK. If DMK fails to come to power in the next assembly election, the party itself may disintegrate. In the centre, DMK cannot hope of coming to power as the coalition era looks bleak in the near future.  Further congress party at the national level is non-existent. The only hope for DMK is capturing power in the state. DMK would agree for any compromise to come to power in the state. Vellore election result has put the DMK in a weaker position and hence congress and VCK must demand their pound of flesh otherwise must tell Stalin that he may have to wait for another 5 or 10 years to become the chief minister of the state.

When Duraimurugan celebrate the victory of his son, Stalin has every reason to fear and feel sad for himself and his son, the next prince of DMK who campaigned aggressively in Vellore.

If congress party misses or slips this opportunity and fail to play assertive politics, it cannot contain the big brother attitude of DMK.


The ground reality is that DMK is losing its ground fast. Even the anti-incumbency vote is not going in its favour. More than anyone DMK knows the truth well. DMK may try to form a bigger alliance but all alliance parties must play their card very well by demanding for a coalition government in the state. The alliance parties must ensure the DMK is not allowed to contest the number of seats required to form government in the state.

A broken, dilapidated, weak and precarious DMK is extremely necessary for the existence and growth of VCK and congress party in Tamil Nadu. Vellore is in fact DMK’s stronghold where the party has just made its victory but not won the victory.

When minority community rally behind DMK due to congress, AIADMK instead of engaging in minority appeasement to woo their vote, must invoke the Hindu bhakti period of Tamil tradition, the spiritual essence of Tamils and the Hindu ethos. Thanks to the dirty politics being played by DMK, the state has lost all of these. DMK has promoted nothing but dynastic politics, politics of hatred, anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin, anti-Modi etc.

DMK is looking for its last chance to come to power and once the last chance is denied, the party may disintegrate. If the smaller parties in the state support DMK to come to power and stabilize without any condition, that would be the end of all those regional parties including congress party. When Karunanidhi was alive, none of these parties could ask for a share in government but now the situation of DMK is different.

AIADMK needs to play a different game by consolidating all god-fearing people to defeat God abusing political force. Even an unstable, multi-party led coalition government is good for the state than DMK which people of the state must realize and accordingly defeat DMK or at least clip its wings.

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