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What Indian Muslim wants- from a non Muslim perspective

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Since Modi-2.0, there is something which is not right. First came “sab Ka Viswash”, them some fund allocated for madrasas, some appeasement, which was not the thing expected for me or people like me. But was the response “good” or “encouraging” from the Muslim community, the answer is a big NO. The question which I wanted to ask was what is the expectation of this community which do not get satisfied with any attempt been done. The larger question will be if this community will ever get satisfied? I believe nothing can satisfy them.

The assumed media narrative after Modi 1.0 was intolerance, award wapasi and all the drama did not help and we had Modi 2.0. Just to avoid the initial reaction  from the minority’s, Modi went in an overdrive and stated some good programs for the Muslim. Now Muslim are in a fix, they can not raise the intolerance angle, they can not see they are been victimized, so they changed the plan. The plan is to be aggressive and create an issue of everything. A parking lot issue becomes a temple breaking thing, not paying a lassi vendor become a murder, and the list goes on.

Muslim are controlled by there Mullas and all the Mullas are either part of the SA wahabi group or PK based Urudu group. They have nothing to oppose the government, so they are creating communal tensions. When this get escalated, these Mullas will do all they can to turn it to a riot. Once a riots happen, the old ecosystem will start to work. You will have media blaming Government of inaction, all the intolerance gang will gang up again and they will get the required oxygen to breathe again. Modi 2.0 is in a fix and I do not know if they have a plan to beat it. Will they accept any solution offered? I don’t know but people are willing to provide solutions.

In all these where are the evangelicals, why are they silent now? Well as they are the human hyenas, waiting for the blood to get spilled before working on there agenda.

Bharath mata ki Jai, Vanda mataram.

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