Temple vandalism in Delhi: Blot on BJP’s image

We can recall what happened when few glasses of Church got damaged and secular goons started beating their chest at a time when Delhi Vidhan Sabha campaign was on it’s peak. In present scenario calm reaction of BJP MPs/MLA on Temple Vandalism is quite disturbing.

We never expected Hindu welfare from Congress/Jihadi media/NGOs. When everyone was bashing Hindus BJP was seen as ray of hope. The attempt of Delhi police to protect the criminals and inadequate arrests is more baffling. Delhi police in past failed to file a quick charge sheet on JNU anti-national slogans.

A small Hindu girl was raped in Aligarh by Muslim goons and we expected nationwide protest against such an incident which gives us warning that no one is safe from Jihadi tentacles.

‘Dara hua Musalman’ is vandalizing temples and raping small Hindu girls. Death of Hindus and insult of Hindus raises bar of secularism in India?

BJP leaders need to come out and must be more vocal in condemning ‘Secular Jihad’ which is enhancing day by day. If Hindus are unsafe in Delhi then we can imagine the suffering of Hindus in Muslim majority Kashmir.

When core BJP voters read scholarship schemes for Muslim it adds insult to injury. If we condemn Congress Muslim appeasement; we cannot approve Modi Government’s appeasement policies.

Hindu safety is now a big electoral issue in this nation.

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