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“Chikne Muslim Ladke”: But Hidden Islamist

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I have spend large parts of my life very close to the Muslim community. There is a peculiar phenomenon that I have observed, that is actually very pertinent in today’s social media age. I want to share that in this article.

Long before social media or even internet, I noticed that a fairly large segment of Muslim boys (not girls) would try very hard to look good. They would have nice hairstyles, good clothes, rehearse mannerisms that made them look “cooler” etc. They would try very hard to be attractive to girls/women. I will call this segment “chikne muslim ladke” which roughly translates to “good looking muslim boys.” I will talk about this segment in this article. My qualification is that I have observed this segment over many years, and have even had good friends from this segment.

1. These chikne ladke invariable have girls who are kept strictly at home. Many of their sisters/mothers wear Hijabs and even Burkhas. In other words, it is very clear to them that this kind of chiknagiri and trying to get a girlfriend is a pursuit that Allah has only allowed for boys, not for girls. Girls should stay home and remain “ghairatmand.”

2. Now, almost as a logical consequence of #1, the girls they are hoping to attract are not Muslims! Since “good Muslim girls” stay at home. So who are they doing all this chiknagiri for? For Kafir girls. In India, it is for Hindu girls. In England, it is for White christian girls. In America, for American girls. But it is for non-Muslim girls.

3. These chikna boys—are they not religious? Do their chikna hairstyles mean that they don’t really associate with the Muslim ummah or with the Islamic religion? Absolutely not. This is perhaps the most surprising of the observations. They are just as hardcore Islamists as a Muslim man wearing a skullcap. They also believe fully in the Quran and Hadith. They also have the same attitude towards Kafirs. They also consider themselves Muslims first, and everything else last.

4. Like I said, I knew of this segment long before social media. But social media is a perfect almost tailor-made avenue for this segment to ply their trade. That makes them very dangerous in today’s world.

Recently, a group of such chikna muslim ladke made a video on tik tok eulogizing the thief Tabrez Ansari, and justifying any acts of terrorism that Muslims may do to take revenge upon Hindus for his death.

Here is a picture of this particular set of chikne muslim ladke.

Notice the fancy hairstyles, the caps, the fashionable clothes, and even the “actor-like” expressions and mannerisms. And then listen to what they say, and you will agree with all my observations.

In particular, I want to caution the multitudes of Hindu girls who are the followers of these types of boys on TikTok. They are chikne muslim ladke. They are trying to trap you. They are good looking Islamists, but Islamists nevertheless. Please use your discretion when following people on social media.

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