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Will other Asian cricket team enter into last four?

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The cricket world cup is reaching near another stage where the top four teams are to be declared on the basis of points. Our stronger team though concerned with middle order is well placed in the points tally. It will surely secure dominating place among the last four better teams. With 9 points in hands it holds solid position among the tally of ten cricket playing countries. What remains worth noticing is the number of countries in the Indian sub-continent coming to that vital stage after the completion of the round-robin clash.

Besides Indian cricket team, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan were too desperate to reach that promising round. As Pakistan has just registered its second remarkable victory over a tough team like South Africa, othe two Asian teams were also devising strategy for earning that particular prestigious spot in the 12th edition of the ICC World Cup ongoing in different parts of England.

Here, it cannot be neglected the aim of newly added Afghanistan which has gird its loins to check B’desh in the race. What remains most astonishing in the game is the near hopelessness of West Indies and emergence of New Zealand. The West Indians were champions in the past encounters. It has been well said that the game of cricket is full of unbelievable uncertaintaties. This tested aspect becomes apparent with Pakistan’s return to hopes for a berth in the pre-final clash. The latest 49-run triumph has led the Pak team captain Sarfraz Ahmad who was flayed for his failures against India, has come to equate Harris Sohail with Jos Butler. Fine & apt Performance changed the ascerbic reaction which was apparently evident.

Otherwise, it was the same team which licked defeat at the hands of our well-trained players. There has now ended the mark of better teams for at least a few cricket playing countries taking part at the present competition. There appeared nothing worse than unexpected poor performance on the English field. If the Afghan players did show their good playing abilities the rave spectators lauded it in a ample way.

The focus remains always on the performance and nothing else. The players definitely do come in to the spacious field for showing their excellent game. That’s what India at present is pondering over following exit of Dhawan owing to injury. Australia being the defending champion still is hopeful of retaining the title on the basis of its playing.

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