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Why there is ‘special hate’ reserved for Narendra Modi in the mind of ‘liberals’

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Since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, the entire ‘left liberal’ ecosystem has made it their life mission to oppose and demean him. They do not let small things like ‘facts’, ‘national interest’, ‘Indian culture’ stand in their way when it comes to opposing Modi.

We all have seen the Divider-in-chief remark by the Time magazine. We have seen the venom that has been spewed against him in the national and international publications under the garb of ‘secularism’. Many of the publications have resorted to half-truths and outright lies to portray him in bad light. Most of the international publications have been Hinduphobic to say the least since the time they have been founded but their narrative and propaganda took another level in last 5 years.

From calling Saree as a nationalist tool to outright calling Indians as bigots and racists, we have seen it all in last few years. So this begs the question, why so much hatred against a single person who most of the Indians have unparalleled love for? Even Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a BJP PM but he was not hated on such a scale; in fact he is often regarded as a ‘statesman’ by these very voices. So what is so different about Narendra Modi that makes these people loose all their sanity and reasoning?

Well, for those who have followed Narendra Modi’s journey since he became Chief Minister of Gujarat, this is nothing new. He has been hounded and boycotted since the day he became the Chief Minister. No other BJP CM has faced the kind of treatment at the hands of mainstream ‘liberal’ media as that of Narendra Modi.

The seeds of discontent were sowed within a few days of his swearing-in as the Chief Minister of Gujarat when he decided to treat “Hindu Karsevaks” as human beings when the popular consensus among the ‘left liberals’ was that “Hindu lives don’t matter”. Hindus were not to be treated at par with people from other faiths or from those who put their caste above religion.

But he dared to break the norm by allowing the 59 dead bodies of Godhra Train victims who were killed by the fanatic Muslim mob to be brought to Ahmadabad for proper cremation and rituals. This was against the very essence of ‘secularism’ that was being practiced in India since Independence. This country’s leadership did not bat an eyelid when hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits were thrown out of their native place just to upheld the idea of ‘secularism’ and here is a political leader who is giving importance to 59 dead ones! How dare he!

Since then the things have gone downhill thereon between Narendra Modi and ‘Left Liberals’. After making sure that Gujarat remains part of India only in the maps and none of the positive things happening in Gujarat reaches to any other part of India, they tried everything to make sure that he does not become Prime Minister in 2014. But you cannot stop the idea whose time has come, no matter how much power you think you have.

He is unabashedly Hindu and is proud of Indian civilization. That is the reason enough for the ‘liberals’ to hate him. On top of that he has gone against their way of thinking and have done things which have pricked holes in their narrative of ‘secularism’ umpteen number of times since becoming the Prime Minister of the country.

He openly stated that India was not born in 1947 but is the ancient surviving civilization on earth, a fact that ‘liberals’ have worked hard to deny. He got a record 175 nations to endorse India’s resolution to celebrate 21st June as “International Yoga Day”. He even started gifting ‘Bhagvat Gita’ instead of replica of ‘Taj Mahal’ on official visits to truly depict the ethos of the country and its culture. He promoted Indian culture and its ancient knowledge wherever he went, which got a lot of eyeballs due to his immense popularity.

Then he made the ‘biggest’ mistake in the eyes of an Indian ‘left liberal’. He appointed a Saffron-clad Hindu Priest as the Chief Minister of the most populous state of India after winning the biggest mandate in last many decades – a person who had been ‘officially’ labelled ‘communal’ by the ‘liberals’. It did not matter that the person was a four time MP from the same seat; it did not matter that he had an impeccable record as an MP all these years; it did not matter that he had long administered one of the biggest ‘Math’ in India and its numerous organizations which employs hundreds of people and caters to thousands of people every day. The only thing that mattered was that Yogi Adityanath was even more unabashedly Hindu than Narendra Modi.

This was a ‘sin’ which ‘liberals’ just could not get over of. On top of that, he has been able to keep such a tight leash on his decisions that whatever predictions ‘liberals’ have made regarding some impending decisions, all have turned out to be false. They just can’t seem to read the man’s thought process and this angers them even further.

Whether it is the choices of Chief Ministers in various states, or the decision to appoint Ram Nath Kovind as the President of India, or to field Sadhvi Pragya against Digvijay Singh from Bhopal in 2019 Loksabha elections, or to risk military action against Pakistan so close to general elections, or to appoint Om Birla as the Loksabha speaker when his name was not even being discussed in the media; he has surprised them every step of the way. ‘Liberals’ do not like this even a bit.

They want someone who can conform to their world view; whom they can read and predict accurately; someone who is at least silent about being a Hindu if not ashamed; someone who fans the ecosystem rather than taking them on; someone who does nothing to expose their hypocrisy and true faces.

Narendra Modi has not scored a single point in any of these requirements. He even called them out openly by labeling them ‘Khan Market Gang‘ during 2019 general elections. He not only called out but even announced the death of ‘nehruvian secularism’ as was being practiced in India since 1947 in his first victory speech on 23rd May 2019.

No wonder they cannot stand this one man who has threatened their hegemony, made them irrelevant and has changed the Indian politics for ever.

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