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What possibly is brewing in Nitish Kumar’s mind?

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Almost immediately after the NDA victory, the veteran politician started giving anti BJP signals. It started by not joining the ministry. Then JDU Vice President Prashant Kishor decided to join Mamata Banerjee. Then JDU decided to go solo outside Bihar, restricting its NDA allegiance to only one state. Finally it opted out of supporting Triple Talaq bill. Now each of these acts, if seen in isolation appears routine. Prashant Kishor campaigned for Jagan Reddy behind the garb of being a professional campaigner. JDU never ever supported uniform civil code so the triple talaq stand is nothing but consistent. Not joining the ministry is explained to be a “political respect” issue. And finally alliance outside Bihar hardly matters as JDU is simply non existent there. Even Shiv Sena, the complicated partner of BJP, gave candidates in various constituencies of Bengal this election. One may also point out that after deserting BJP and then coming back, Nitish hardly has any room left to ditch BJP again.

However all these points notwithstanding, it can hardly be without significance that all these happened in a short span. Then came Ajay Alok’s resignation: Now juxtapose this with Alok’s recent comment about Mamata. Prashant Kishor’s move and destruction of RJD: Doesn’t a pattern become clearly visible?

With Mandalization and OBCization of BJP it is only a matter of time that Yadav votes start shifting to BJP. It can happen even in next years assembly election. Same can happen with Mahadalits too. Where do all these leave Mr. Kumar?

There is only one group that seems to be steadfastly against BJP and will remain against BJP in forceable future. Congress and left parties are no longer being taken seriously as a counter to BJP. In this situation, Bihar Muslim vote seems to be up for grab. Could it be that Nitish is aiming for that vote? 2019 was an epoch making election which shattered many conventions regarding vote bank.

Nitish being an astute politician with corruption free good governance image probably is counting on natural decay of BJP fortune and trying to expand his base. So that if opportunity comes he can “be there”. The expansion of base part is a necessity for him and in the current situation where Congress and RJD are in disarray, Nitish may become the new leader with a solid Muslim vote bank. What is there in future no body knows but brilliant politicians always keep planning for future!

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