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The Cabinet 2.0 : Reality, despairs and hopes

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Shri. Narendra Modi sworn in as PM for 2nd time, in many ways it was a historic event. The level of curiosity and eagerness for predictions of probable ministry of Modi 2.0, was same as predicting A Game of Thrones plot. There were many expected faces to regain their ministries, but the result wasn’t the same. Yep, its Narendra Damodardas Modi, if you learn’t something in last 5 years – he surprises! Whether its issue of demonetization or the Surgical Strikes, he will surprise, it’s for sure. So he surprised again, some for good, some for not so good!

Its nothing new, Modi works in his own ways. He warned on 25th in the Parliamentary Board Meet, not to expect ministry by the media reports (same as he said in Aap ki Adalat in 2014 before becoming PM, “Pakistan will be taught in its own language”), so you really can’t blame Modi for not informing before. The induction of a retired foreign secretary out of no where and picking up a common man from a village of Odissa and giving him the charge, made a belief stronger, that yes, the culture which was setup in 2014, giving recognition to the contribution from a common citizens by awarding them the top Civilian Honors- The Padma Awards, is being extended to the ministry. Return of top performers like Rail and Transport Ministers also reinstated the faith – “If you work,then you minister!”

However,there were many outcomes which lead to displeasure from many sections of society, which of course gave bumper seats to Modi, not BJP. Exclusion of ministers like Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore and Suresh Prabhu and even Manoj Sinha created a wave of despair in their supporters and from the people who saw reforms under them. Manoj Sinha was expected to be eliminated since he lost elections, but his work in Ghazipur constituency is hailed by the people of this area and eastern UP, at least on social media. But, a losing minister Hardeep Pure was again trusted with the responsibilities.

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore was a top performing minister given various portfolios, and by the various social media analysts, he may get an important responsibility of Rajasthan. Suresh Prabhu, the man who invented the ‘tweet and help’ culture is distanced to please Shiv Sena as per media reports. Again, the reports of Sushma Swaraj being inducted into ministry since the morning of 30th May, should be credited to rumor mongering by the MSM, which PM warned in the parliamentary board meet. However, its for sure these people will be missed (fingers crossed for cabinet expansion). But, sometimes its better to pass the baton to revive the spirit of democracy.

It’s also important to point out, the North East didn’t get enough representation in the ministry. It’s the region,which had high hopes from BJP, that it even forgot its distrust on the issues of shady implementation of NRC and introduction of CAB. It not only gave majority to the party in the region, based on its development work,but even helped to find its existence outside the Hindi heartland. Giving only two MoS to region, and that too only one MoS to Assam,is kind of disrespecting the mandate. Yes, there maybe reason of “ministry on merit”, but it’s also true that not all Ministers are based on merit, but some are to please certain sections of society, so why not please the North-East? Even the DONER ministry to non- Northeast MP cannot be justified, when the Minority Welfare Ministry is permanently fixed to a person from Non-Hindu or Muslim community.

Yes, it can always be said that 303 was given to Modi to work, he must give back, however he does, it doesn’t matter. So, whether there will be accomplishments or failures, only Modi will be responsible, because it’s the mandate for Modi.

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