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Rahul Gandhi becoming Bahadur Shah Zafar

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Rahul Gandhi seems to be losing everything like the last Mughal emperor. Just as his influence was limited to the Delhi fort so as Rahul Gandhi’s fortresses were crumbling one after another. His bungalow may slip from his firm grip. He is becoming like Bahadur Shah Zafar who was forced to exile in Burma. His poetic verses: Lagta nahi hai jee mera Ujrey diyar Mein, Kis ki bani hai alam napaedaar mein, Bulbul ko pasbaan se na saeeyad se gilla, qismat mein qaid thee lihki fasl bahar mein. None could have ever thought of his worst miserable days. His forefathers had ruled the country for several hundred years but he did not get a piece of land for his burial. Disturbed, depressed and displeased Rahul Gandhi finds solace in his sister’s lap at present. Perhaps she could be declared party’s next president.

When Rahul Gandhi’s Congress has not reached a tally of staking a claim on Leader of the opposition party, he outside the dome of democracy faces inspiring alarm taking him to the next level of truly effective clasp over his weak political position. There is always more to tell, but this is after all just a simple summary. At least the most important details cataloged by the new government to annoy him. Next time he will bear with the prevailing situation, which he will be decidedly interested in. Will he suffer the loss of his possession over the bungalow like Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh? It was how that speaks of differences between his party and the ruling BJP. However, he has won from Kerala’s Wayanad in the lately completed elections.

Undoubtedly he was a gentleman, stylish in white Kurta without side pocket and jeans, with a not-so-highly regarded political career that at all times endorse his diplomatic attitude in point of fact. According to the Lok Sabha Secretariat, a list of vacant bungalows for allocation to the freshly elected MPs has been circulated. The official residence of Rahul Gandhi at Tughlaq Road also finds the reference in this broadly circulated list. He has been occupying the bungalow since the year 2004. This residential building comes in type 8 category which is the highest one. In accordance with the rules, a list of vacant bungalows/flats is given to the Members of Parliament from which they can accordingly choose.

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