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‘Me Too’ resign movements in congress party of the dynast

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Hinduism is all about promoting the eternal values and virtues for happy and healthy living; be it in public or in personal life. Whether the theory of ‘karma, the cause and effect’ has any great scientific evidence or not but certainly the theory of Hinduism brings certain values in individuals, infuse consciousness, humbleness and humility and direct people not to engage in Adharma especially when they have power and unquestionable authority. No wonder why Modi is so noble and saintly because he follows the Hinduism, the Sanatana Dharma.

The fall of the great dynasty in congress party reveals nothing but the truth of Hinduism that our karma would not only reward us but also can punish us brutally and the nature of reward shall be good or bad that is defined purely by our karma.

When Modi came to power with absolute majority in 2014, the congress party due to its entitlement could not tolerate a humble tea seller to become Prime Minister of India. For congress, only the members of one family can become Prime Minister of India as India belongs to the family according to congress party. With the support of several media houses and may be with some certain bureaucrats, the dynast tried his level best to portray the transparent and corruption free government of Modi as anti-minority and that promotes religious intolerance. Even the judiciary, Reserve Bank Governor, CBI etc., the party of the dynast used to defame Narendra Modi and the government headed by him. Despite all the above, the party of the dynast also instigated several scholars to return their awards called ‘award wapsi’ in protest against religions intolerance of Modi government.

The 5 years of Narendra Modi’s government was the best government India had since 1947.

Religious amity, equal opportunity and recognition to all religions, sab ka vikas were the primary governance principle of Prime Minister Modi and he has certainly transformed the life of several millions of people irrespective of their caste or religious affiliations. But the dynast along with several Tukde Tukde gangs constantly maligned the reputation of India and tried to portray the image of India in poor light by constantly whipping fear and insecurity among minority communities and was abusing Hindus. Finally Indians have decided enough is enough and the congress party must be exiled to some unknown continent or planet and surely India doesn’t need either the unteachable dynast or his family to rule India. The 2019 election was a most defining movement for India. 

The victory of Narendra Modi led BJP is not just the victory of Modi and BJP but the victory belongs to India and India is the real winner. 

Indians have re-elected Modi from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and shut the door to the Italian Gandhi. The repeated defeat of the dynast is bound to cause depression and alienation which is quite natural. As a result of such frustration due to defeat, the dynast might have announced that he would resign. As a chain reaction, several congress men are now competing with each other to say they too wants to resign by owing responsibility to the defeat. What we witness today is ‘Me Too’ resign movement in congress party.

It looks like congress party is paying its best for its past karma but the most noteworthy point is that the dues is being collected in one go without any time or respite. The tukde tukde gangs, the party of the dynast, several media houses that chose to become the punkah coolie of the dynast have miserably failed or in other words, India had defeated them all.

In the past, every untoward incident that happens in India, they used to blame Modi and fear monger to the minority that they are insecure under Modi. Dividing people on caste line, religious line, poisoning the institutions wherever possible, using the media houses to plant and promote several negative and false propaganda and news were the regular job the dynast and many tukde tukde gangs were continuously doing. The dynast who carries the tag of real chor and on bail in a massive corruption case even went to an extent and called Modi chor.

The behaviour of most of the political parties during election time was worse than a rabid dog. Power was the ultimate goal for them and not India. Fortunately Indians sensed the danger smartly and isolated all those evil and negative forces and re-elected the noble leader- Modi and saved India. The only goal of the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs and khan market gang was to stop Modi and prevent good governance and bring back corrupt governance, governance full of nepotism and dynastic politics. 

The poison ivy cannot be eliminated so easily. People of India must be vigilant and wise and must spread the message of positivity and goodness, tolerance, equality and must reach out to people about every progressive measures of Modi government. It is not just weeding out the poison ivy is enough we also must prevent it from re-colonizing.

Every community in India must shun the fear implanted in them by the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs and must start to breathe fresh air of India, the India that has elected Modi and the India that has been saved by people from the dying dynastic politics.

S Ranganathan

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