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Marriages for divorce – Modi saved India from milkmaid’s mathematics

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The post poll debacle has set the clock ticking faster than the one during the marriage between BSP and SP. Even if the alliance had won, the marriage would have ended up in divorce, may not be so fast.

India cannot afford to have a coalition government hereafter. India needs a stable government with honest and decisive leader like Naremdra Modi at the helm of affairs. People of UP indeed are wise, extraordinary and spirited to save India by electing Narendra Modi than the unholy alliance of BSP+SP combine.

It is like the story of the milkmaid. It was believed that if all the regional parties join together, they can defeat truth, honesty, development and scam free governance. People of India are not fools.  The poll outcome has clearly exposed all the milkmaid’s dreams are far too imaginary and not real and that is how both SP and BSP were sent home stocks and barrel.

Now the blame game has started between both parties. People of India should not think the reason for the divorce is poll defeat. Even if they have won, the divorce was imminent because who gets better share and opportunity to loot would have been the focus then and if one party senses the other to be smart and have bettered in looting the state, naturally the marriage would have ended up in divorce. India would have suffered the worst.

Imagine if all the tukde tukde gangs have formed a coalition government and are fighting for their chance to loot the state and due to such inborn contradiction, government fails, what would have been the state of India. Indians must start to think in those lines. PM Modi has brought development, corruption and scam free governance, sab ka vikas and ensured national security and set direction for new India.

Indians must start to see the big picture that one India, one tax, preferably one official language, one culture – Hinduism and finally ONE LEADER – NARENDER DAMODER MODI.

Lord Ram and Lord Krishna came to Bharat as divine incarnation in human form not only to save humanity from several evil forces but also to unite India under one philosophy and one value.  The effort of PM Modi is also to unite Indians and not to divide them. To unite all Indians, a unitary approach is necessary and that can be our ancient Hindu culture, Hindi language, spiritualism around Lord Ram and Lord Krishna etc.

PM Modi has already achieved one tax regime across India. He was the first Prime Minister of India to be so vocal and loud to promote the ethos of sab ka vikas. He was the first Prime Minister of Independent India to do several structural reforms to prevent corruption and scams in high places. He was the first Prime Minister of India to understand the real pain of poor and meaning of penury and have done path breaking steps to save poor people from misery and sorrow. He was the first Prime Minister of India who made both poor and rich aspirational and dreamers of New India. He was the first Prime Minister of India demanded accountability and responsibility from every institution and ensured India comes above all other considerations.

Indians deserve rich tribute and endless thanks for understanding the extraordinary leader par visionary of India, Modi and elected him as Prime Minister of India and not the dynast or other tukde tukde gangs.

People must educate the society that good governance, governance free of corruption and scam, governance dedicated to development and sab ka vikas need not opposition. Let us make India as the first democratic country where there is no need and scope for opposition. Like how we promote the ethos of one India, let us promote one leader Modi for India.

Look at the irony of other opposition parties, in defeat or in victory or even when they share power in the case of JDS and congress in Karnataka, the partners are on divorce notice, living separately and due to compulsion they live symbolically to serve self-interest. Look at the state of Karnataka how it suffers under the unholy alliance. On the other hand, all the governments in alliance with BJP as in Maharashtra, Bihar are progressive, development centric and free of corruption and commission.

While celebrating the victory of India, let us also understand the real and rotten motives of all those marriages (alliance) of different political parties and how they are crumbling down now. In future, Indians should never support or elect tukde tukde gangs to form coalition government to destroy India. Dynastic forces and khan market gangs should find their exit door soon from India and let us make India real Modi Rajya where everyone are equal, have equal opportunity and recognition and all are equally proud of New India.

S Ranganathan

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