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Decoding the Kashmir Valley

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Desi Writer
A writer by passion and student by action. Hate to keep quiet.

The cold night that never saw the next sunshine, the night of 19th January 1990. Thousands of innocent Pandits were stripped off their future. The existence of an entire community was erased from the Valley of Kashmir, the PARADISE ON EARTH. It was their last night together. Thus, began the 17th and the final exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits.

The Pandits were having goosebumps, not out of cold, but because of the slogans that Mosques were blaring out loud in the mid of the night. A wave of Muslim Kashmiris stormed the streets of Kashmir, men, women, children, Maulvis, all with one clear intent: AAZADI. For the Pandits, that night translated into three words:

Ralive, Tsaliv ya Galive (Convert, Leave or Die)

Thunderous slogans of Allah-o- Akbar, Pakistan ka matlab kya/ La ila ha ilallah, Islam zindabad, Pakistan zindabad reverberated throughout the bloody night. The deafeningly loud slogans from the mosques had delivered the ultimatum to the diminutive among the Kashmiris: the Hindu Pandits. As the night grew darker shades of red, the crowd grew thicker, with even more determination. All that could be heard was a mix of Quranic verses, anti-India slogans, stories of Arabic Ghazis, tales of conquest of India, how the Paradise was for the pure- the believers of Allah, how the idolators were Kaffirs. All this resulted in about 150000 Pandits being disrooted from their ancestral lands, apart from the countless, who were murdered, raped, butchered in public.


Fast forward to 2019, where you can find all the woke liberals claim that Kashmir is not a religious problem, rather a social, geopolitical, problem. Why doesn’t anyone, even after knowing what happened on the night of January 19, 1990, acknowledge the simple fact that the clash of religions, is the sole cause of the Kashmir problem.

When being told about Kashmir, the fact that it has a Muslim Majority is etched into our minds. When being told of solutions of Kashmir Problem, referendum is once again etched into our minds, so that we conclude that Kashmir doesn’t belong to Bharat.


Till date, no one has a comprehensive solution for Kashmir, simply because a civilizational problem can not have socio-economic or geopolitical solutions.

Very conveniently, our education system opts out of teaching us the Hindu History of Kashmir. We are made to believe that right from the start only Muslims populated Kashmir so that, one may sympathize with the Bhatke Hue Naujawan, of Kashmir.

But, the truth is that Kashmir has always been a nerve centre for the Hindu Philosophies. It was in Kashmir, where the great yoga Guru, Rishi Patanjali was born. The name Kashmir, itself is a Sanskrit word. Kashmir was the first place where Shiva-Shakti were worshipped together. The magnificent Sun temples that lay in shatters today are the proof of the glorious days of Kashmir. The Hindu king, Lalitaditya, spread the borders of Kashmir from Kabul to Tibet. But, all of these never reach our books. Why? So that we believe that Kashmir never belonged to Bharat.


The Pandits of the valley have faced exodus 17 times, all at the hands of Muslims, and all with one same warning of Conver, leave or die. To this date, the Pandits have been unable to resettle in their ancestral land. But, no one wants to change their lens once, and view the entire situation.

Yes, the Muslims of Kashmir want their land to be free of the Kaffirs. Yes, the militants fight for the cause of Ghazwa-E-Hind, whose path follows from Kashmir. Yes, Kashmir was and will always remain an integral part of BHARAT!

Even after stating the obvious, many will choose to ignore these facts and stay indifferent. The indifference of especially the Hindus is especially un-understandable. Now it is Kashmir, tomorrow it can be Bharat as well. Until we unite, raise our voice for the Pandits and for the abrogation of articles 370 and 35-A, we may never be able to see the dawn of the next morning in the valley of Paradise.

Kashmir is not a political problem, rather, it is a years old civilizational, existential problem.

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Desi Writer
A writer by passion and student by action. Hate to keep quiet.

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