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Narendra Modi: Flower blossomed out of fire

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There is a lot of toil and trouble behind every tale of success. Narendra Modi combated with vicious poverty in his childhood.

Today because of his hardwork Modi reached at peak of success. Unfortunately certain people who were fed in golden spoon since their birth are making fun of Modi’s assistance to his father in selling tea.

Tears were rolled down my cheeks when I heard how our Prime Minister Modi’s mother suffered in poverty and how she earned livelihood by washing utensils.

Narendra Modi had not dreamed of becoming PM directly without any experience as certain people were daydreaming before 2019 general elections. He traveled from grass root level to post of PM. From Sangh Pracharak to CM up to PM, it was indeed an interesting journey.

Let’s come back to life of Modi under poverty. Family of Modi was so poor that they couldn’t even buy an Iron Box. But PM Modi  as a proverb says knew the art of stretching his legs only to the extent of carpet, so he ironed his clothes by utensil containing hot water.

Modi’s life of poverty made him determined to break up the vicious poverty. This made him to do slog to wipe out poverty, instead of slogans like Garibi Hatao.

Modi as mentioned in his speech knew how poor suffered not being able to get even social benefits which were given by government because of corrupt bureaucracy that prevailed. So, the first scheme was opening of No Frill Accounts under PMJDY to facilitate Direct Benefit Transfer. Then Modi had seen how his Mother suffered from smoke of firewood. So under Ujwala he gave free LPG cylinders to poor.

Modi knew how poor people died of disease due to lack of finance to avail medication. So he brought up Ayushman Bharat & Janaushadhi for free treatment worth 5 Lakh and low cost medicines respectively.

Modi himself suffered difficulty in studies due to unavailability of electricity. So,he electrified nooks and corners of country under Ujala.

Modi was right in saying that his personality was shaped neither by Lutyens Delhi nor by Khan Market. It’s the difficulty that shaped personality of Modi.

As a stone turns into idol after numerous hits and Gold turns into jewellery after being exposed to fire, Modi ji’s personality was shaped after exposure to fire called “Poverty”.

Modi has sworn in as PM for the second term. It’s time to thank Heera Ba for giving Kohinoor to Bharat Mata. All the best! Narendra Modiji.

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