Mocking the mandate, not EVM

As expected and fueled by the Exit Polls, preparations have already started to blame the EVM for the results of General Elections 2019. By the time I am writing this, some politicians can be seen marching on streets.

Opposition parties tried hard to malign the image of Mr. Modi, manufactured fake scam propaganda around the Rafael and even raised slogans of “Chowkidar Chor”. But all this looks like to have failed miserably and in fact helped the BJP’s narrative of “Majboot Sarkar”.

The MahaTHUGS smelled the defeat and are now creating a ruckus to blame that EVM malfunction or hacking is the main reason that the BJP is getting clear majority. These thugs think that again creating this fake narrative will help them somehow delay or disturb the process of election. But what they do not know is that by mocking the EVM again they are actually mocking the mandate of the people of India. People of this country know very well now how the EVM has worked fine in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh assembly elections and not working now. When will they understand this?

Dear THUGS of HINDUSTAN, stop thinking that the voters of this country are fools. People of India can be poor and illiterate, but certainly not fool. Better you all should wait for final counts on 23rd May and then introspect, build strategy and plan for future, because, if you repeat same mistakes then 2024 results can be 450+ for a Progressive leader like MODI.

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