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Is Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur a terrorist or an accused?

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!

There was a TV debate on Times Now that I was watching about Pakistan being spooked by Prime Minister Modi getting a second term and one of the panelists, I didn’t bother to find out his name as he sounded just like all the other pseudo liberal panelists, who think that India is on the verge of becoming two nations as we had the audacity to elect Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, as our Member of Parliament whom they have already declared a terrorist, toed the Pakistan line by saying quite disparaging things about our democracy and its electorate.

I Am an advocate by profession and the first rule of criminal law is that a person is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty and the burden of proof lies on the state to argue the merits of its case. Here is a not so fun fact, our courts take ages to hear a case even if its a criminal case and please don’t take this as a critique on the efficacy of the Indian Judiciary as it is not. The fact is, there is massive understaffing and cases aren’t getting any lesser. But that’s a topic of discussion for another day. What we have to look for here is that, even though the alleged terrorist MP was charged about 10 years back, the state has failed to produce a single shred of evidence that she was actually a terrorist.

The case is still in trial and the prosecution has zero evidence to prove their case. Yet we are quick to label her. Because she said Godse is a patriot does she become a terrorist? Then what about Mr. Hasaan, who made him the first Hindu Terrorist? Is he not held accountable because it was demeaning Hinduism?

So in essence Rahul Gandhi, who is out on bail on various scam related cases and his brother in law, who is himself accused in several cases of misappropriation can be elected and India should be ok with that and there is no threat to the nation. Sonia Gandhi, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mayawati, Akhilesh, Didi and etal, who ask for votes on the basis of their blatant minority appeasement, fear psychosis and caste equations are not a threat to the everlasting peace that we Indians crave for?

People who shout Bharat Tere Tukde Honge are the poster boys of Indian liberalism? A person accused because of the color of her dress and the faith she follows, doesn’t deserve to be heard? Sometimes it is hard to understand their metric for evaluation. I mean they can’t openly advocate their Hindu hatred, I can understand that it would give their game away. But what I fail to fathom or accept is their hatred for this nation in the garb of their secularism. I might be a Modi hater or Modi Bhakt, but when it comes to the world I can’t put my politics above my nation.

The fear of communal violence, caste discrimination and minority appeasement are still there but India chose to rise above it. If the liberal gang can’t understand that then they are in for a rude shock. India voted as a country rising above these roadblocks kept in place by the elitist and dynastic political class so that we can prosper as a country. India united to rise above the political equations of the ruling class born with silver spoons to tell them the fear that made them tolerate them is no more. They chose to write their own destiny instead of waiting for doles meted out by the magnanimous supreme leaders from their golden thrones. The days of cronyism, nepotism and blatant corruption don’t buy votes anymore. Why else would the naked emperor run for a safe seat instead of staying at his family bastion?

So if the liberals think that India is becoming two nations please live in that bubble and if Pakistan is spooked by Modi, let them be. But don’t let them think that they can fool us by saying whatever they want to say on Hinduism and get away with it, because it is not so now. We are a very tolerant majority and we abide by our Dharma. We don’t need swords or guns or bombs to affirm our faith in our Dharma. But when you accuse a majority of being intolerant and ignorant in spite of its rich history then we shall not sit quiet.

So why is that liberals are as spooked as Pakistan and trying to fan the flames of hatred with even more vigour inspite of being shown up by the electorate of this country? It is because they believe in the maxim of repeat the lie as many times as you can and it becomes the truth. Here’s a newsflash for all of them. It doesn’t work anymore and it would only show them up even more.

But then again who can blame them? They do live in the same bubble that the loyal Congress and its ecosystem live in. If they can still keep Rahul Gandhi as their mascot so can the liberal gang talk absolute nonsense and think that they can get away with it. May be they still live in the world where they are the lords and we are the humble sheep. May be they don’t understand that India has risen beyond that and the majority aren’t afraid to flaunt their identity proudly without shame or fear. Let’s not give them an inch now. They are like the camel in that fable, who push the owner out if you give them an inch. Hindutva has lost enough of it’s culture to these so called pseudo secular liberals like the Congress and its ecosystem and off springs, the barbaric Islamic hordes of invaders who looted, raped, converted through torture and plundered and the Britishers, Portugese and the Spanish, who looked down upon us and taught us civility and culture through torture, inquisitions and conversions.

We still have a country with a myriad problems to solve and reach the destination as one of the global leaders. This is not the time to be resting under a false sense of security because the liberals are not going to rest until they tear us apart. Yes, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur is an accused in a case of terror. But she is not yet declared a terrorist. Let’s understand that distinction. If Kasab was given the benefit of doubt and glorified after he was hung in spite of being part of a strategic plan to plant the seed of Hindu terror then I suppose we can wait till the court has pronounced its verdict in her case. Until then let’s respect the law and stop painting her as a terrorist before the court did so.

Once again for those with limited or no knowledge of the law, law doesn’t presume one’s guilt before it has the evidence to say so and it is inherent upon us to not judge a person based on news articles and Lutyens cabal sponsored rumours. If the law finds her guilty, then we all can condemn her but until then let’s hold our horses and treat her at least in the same humane way Ajmal Kasab, Burhan Wani and company, even after their guilt was proven and are dead for their Terrorist activities, were treated. Please try to look at her side of the story as till now she is the only alleged terror accused whose side of the story the media never tried to portray. So was Burhan Wani glorified because of his religion and Pragya Thakur demonised because of the colour of her wardrobe? These are the most pertinent questions we should all ask ourselves.

Truth shall always prevail and let us wait for the truth to come out before we all become defacto judges. There are a lot of murky details from the past which are now slowly seeing the light of the day and may be we shall now learn the conspiracy behind the Hindu terror created by the erstwhile elitists. Let the liberals shout out their lies from the rooftops while the real truth is slowly unraveled. Let them all remember the day when they just like their emperor have been naked and they didn’t bother looking down. Then again they might still roam naked without a care just like their emperor but let us not forget to distinguish between the lies and the truth. Let us remember the distinction between a terror accused and a Terrorist. Let us not pass judgement on the fate of a person just because the liberals say so. Finally let’s respect the people’s mandate and give Sadhvi Pragya Thakur the benefit of doubt all the accused deserve. Let’s not judge her as it’s her life that has been torn apart and there is still no evidence to back the State’s claim.

It is easy to foist false cases, torture the person into giving tutored confessions but it is not easy to prove it in the court of law. The court doesn’t take into cognizance confessions made to police. There is a very important reason that it doesn’t do so. As stated above confessions can be made by the accused during custodial torture to get away from the pain that is being inflicted by the officer in charge. She is a woman who donned the saffron rejecting material benefits at a very young age. Please let that sink in. For too long we have been okay with police excesses but in this day and age truth doesn’t take long to come out.

When we can make a martyr out of the person who was involved in the custodial torture of the person accused of alleged terror attacks, then I guess we can at least extend the basic courtesy of waiting for a judgement on Sadhvi Pragya Thakur’s guilt before we ourselves become the Judge, Jury and executioner and pronounce a verdict based on rhetoric and no proof or evidence.

So the real question is do we extend the courtesy of being humane or pass armchair judgement on the guilt of a person based on biased rhetoric? Remember many a lives were lost and great scientists jailed on the basis of botched up and falsified investigations. The loss to the nation was more than one can envision or imagine. Let us not make the same mistake. Until otherwise proven, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur is an accused in a terror plot and is innocent until proven guilty and her election as a Member of Parliament doesn’t mean the rise of Right Wing Hindu Extremism nor is the Second term of Prime Minister Shri Narendar Damodardas Modi an omen for a divisive India and there won’t be or ever will be two nations as propagated by Jinnah and being carried forward by the liberal brigade.

India is one and we have voted for Shri Modi because we want to write our destiny by ourselves and believe in the growth of a united and inclusive India of the past with no barriers of caste, creed or fear to hold us back. Rise in Hindutva is not a call for arms but a call for breaking the chains of shame foisted upon the Hindu majority and to practice their faith just like all other faiths, with pride. Rise in Hindutva is a call for the Hindu majority to learn the true history and feel the pain of the sacrifices our ancestors made so that our culture is not diminished or erased. And finally Rise in Hindutva is a call for all the people of this country to stand as one, shoulder to shoulder and participate in the growth of this country. The elites, the dynasts, the liberals and all of its ecosystem can grasp that and therefore they are worried about their future and have no other option but to shout naked from the rooftops, their cacophony of lies and build up fake narratives about Hindu Terror.

Hindutva is about Universal brotherhood and peace and it’s Dharma is more about transcending the material rather than fixating on other faiths. Hindutva’s tenets do not ever preach violence but in fact show us the repurcussions of violence. So it is indeed time for Hindus world over to shed their inhibitions about their faith and stop believing the manufactured lies to shame and demonise us and our culture. That is the true recognition Hindutva craves for, where our faith is not a matter for debate neither can it be demonised by building fake narratives and our only goal is to live in harmony with the world and the nature!

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!
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