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Introspect your negative politics not blame EVM for the defeat – Message for opposition

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What we witness in India after the post-poll prediction is several politicians are extremely worried and jittered.

Never in the history, goodness, truth, honesty, hard work, noble deeds have got defeated by evil forces and gangs that promote negativity, hatred, anarchy, corruption, dynastic rule etc. Truth along triumphs at the end, however the truth may have to endure several abuses and criticism by the evil forces. Even though the evil forces may be large in numbers but their strength cannot, even collectively defeat truth and right.

Modi is the embodiment of honesty, simplicity, truth, good governance, and governance free of corruption, nepotism, governance focused on development and sab ka vikas and ensuring national security. The corrupt dynastic parties and its naamdaars derived lots of pleasure in abusing Modi, calling him thief and by other cheap words, spread fear and hatred among people but nothing seems to have worked for all those evil forces. The universal law is that truth and honesty, commitment and selflessness alone would win and not selfish gangs that want to loot the nation and want to promote nepotism and sell the nation for power.

People of India appear to have stood with truth and good governance and have not yielded to the negative forces or their tireless negative propaganda. People have realized that Modi’s victory is not just important for India alone but it is equally important for every citizen and every family in India. India has grown significantly in the last 5 years under Modiji. The dynast wants to steal the good governance of Modi and wants to destroy India by engaging in scam and corruption. But people of India showed their highest level of commitment for India and decided to bring back Modi with massive majority so that Modi will be free to implement more reforms and development programmes without any interruption in Parliament.

All the post poll surveys clearly confirm the absolute majority for both BJP and NDA. The proposed victory of India is a clear message to all corrupt forces that their days are numbered in Indian politics. Like how Lord Ram and Lord Krishna came in human form, Modi is also going to take re-birth on 23 May 2019 to destroy all those Kamsas and Ravans in Indian politics.

Like the sacred saying in Mahabharat – Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah, the one who protect dharma, the dharma in turn would protect him. People of India when protect the dharma by supporting the good and corruption free governance of Modi, Modi will come back to power and the incarnation of dharma – Modi, would in turn protect India and Indians. 

The second term of Modi is much more challenging because India has to be taken to the next level of development, structured reform and corruption free governance and at the same time, all those looters and scamsters in public life must be sent prison as well. 

If all those evil forces are left free, they would again start to destroy India in a small way.  Therefore India must be re-casted to bring Rama Rajya where every citizen has equal opportunity and right to prosper. 

The aggressive run of humpty and dumpty to grab power by all means shows nothing but the fear of prison and punishment for their past corrupt deeds.

Modi also must remember the purpose of the embodiment of Lord Krishna and Lord Ram was also to destroy the evil forces like Kamsa and Ravan besides saving and safeguarding people.

Similarly the 2019 must be the year of punishment for all those corrupt forces to make India a heaven, a place where no scope for corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics. Governance, development, sab ka vikas and national security alone should be the focus and nothing else.


Chowkidar Ranganathan

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