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Glamour enters dome of democracy

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Two young members of parliament elected on TMC ticket glamorously entered the dome of democracy. They were certainly excited and curious about the parliamentary business. It was their curiosity that led them to care less about the dress they wore at the time. They did not understand that parliament is not a stage for showing color and combination but a platform to discuss the people’s causes. It was owing to this reason social media’s one user stated that Parliament is not a photo studio.

The two popular Bengali actresses wore pants and tops which caused social media users to react sharply upon their a little more ultra trendy dresses for the parliament. The 30-year-old Ms. Chakraborty put on a white shirt and blue jeans while 29-year-old Ms. Jehan was dressed in a wine-colored ensemble-a peplum top with pants.  Both emerged victorious by a huge margin of votes in the elections. Nusrat Jehan and Mimi Chakraborty were made to feel the trollers adversely about their dress sense that remained a different choice.

Those newly elected parliamentarians entered the portals of parliament for the first time. They presented themselves like fresher where the seniors would train them to wear traditional attire. They seemed to have mistaken the place for Kolkata’s Nicco Park or City Centre as a social media user stated. Why do elected members choose to wear unpleasant clothes? The young parliamentarians were wearing very much modern outfits that created a storm in social media.

Not only in our country but the Western countries also ponder over wearing an unsuitable, uncomfortable dress in the parliament. Israel and Britain are glaring examples of this reality. Once the British Parliament had even disallowed tie for its elected members. The Speaker had authority on the dress code because conducting the parliamentary procedures comes under that defined authority. Nobody raises a query on the conventional dress.

What catches eyes is rather an unconventional outfit that goes against the prevalent norm. Erskine May, the guide to parliamentary procedure, holds there is no exact dress code for the elected members in the House. Convention has been that for men khadi Kurta pajama is expected; for women, the equivalent level of formality should be observed. Mostly women parliamentarians prefer to wear traditional indigenous saree but the seventeenth parliament finds an entry of glamour at the dome of democracy. Is it the first time the women politicians were flayed for their selection of costume in the parliament?

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