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From Modi vs All that we witnessed, it’s now Congress vs All, for the Congress to Shatter

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From showcasing of being the only alternative for removing the incumbent government, to being
a mere cheerleader amongst all other goons, the congress party properly exposed itself, of having only one agenda, of removing Modi anyhow. The party living on the basics of nepotism, and family heirarchy is now heading for a shutdown soon.

The routing of Congress from UP is nothing new, but the very fact of also failed SP – BSP survival alliance too parted from the Congress, is the proof that not even the termites could find the cellulose in this decayed ‘wood’.

The stage shared by the 20 or so opposition parties leaders and anti-modi brigade, too was reluctant to themselves with the congress on their side. While carrying the cheeky smile when raising the hand, with the other oppositions in the oath taking ceremony of the government of Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi might not have known what he was doing, but the people of India certainly knew, what they were going to do with them.

With the opposition not loving to be a part of sinking congress, the mandate of people of India, from the 2014, and now in the 2019, and the single handed victory of Narendra Modi in the race of Modi vs all, completely conquered, now it is certainly congress vs all that doesn’t look like any way of saving them from shutting down the business.

The way Congress family induced the Rahul Gandhi’s sister, and in the day of nomination of Rahul Gandhi, how Mrs. Vadra carried her children and Mr. Vadra, without including even the senior leaders of Congress shows the disrespect for everyone, except the Gandhi family.

The arrogance Rahul Gandhi carries, and wear it as a badge of self dictatorship, and the abrupt non acceptance of defeat, blaming on the EVMs, and the rude press conference, suggests why the mandate was not even enough for giving the seat to them of leader of opposition. The way Rahul carried the failed slogan of ‘chowkidar chor hai’, and took even the supreme court’s judgement as a ‘heat of the campaigning’ shows the disrespect for the authorities is very easy for the elites, Rahul Gandhi’s life resonates. This arrogance has not just been inherited, but has well been seen in his family. But it’s pleasing to see, how well the voters versed the slogan, and selected the ‘chowkidar’ over the ‘chor’. The congress party’s traditional ‘neech’, or ‘maut ka saudagar’ remark was not even that close to what Rahul set the new low.

It is the way leadership is carried out and the policies proposed by the congress that has let India down to such a politics that they had to fight the election on the name of distributing freebies, as the answer for Narendra Modi’s straight questions towards them, and over his portfolio.

The contest of Congress vs all is set to run long, with the congress being the lone survivor, fighting for a corner, to sustain their life, as noone can afford to team up with them. It has become so irrelevant to be with the congress that the people even feared to get the ‘NYAY’ they promised to offer.

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