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DMK the accidental beneficiary of nationalism invoked by PM Narendra Modi

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A deeper analysis of the victory of DMK in Tamil Nadu shows a different picture, the fact less understood, less discussed, less debated and more obvious and visible.

Ever since Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, India has started to move with one ethos and one philosophy and people have started to think and conduct themselves as Indians than as Keralite or Tamilian etc. The wave of nationalism people of India started to embrace and people have also started to trace their original and authentic identity called Hinduism.

People have also started to realize the danger of entertaining tukde tukde gangs and regional parties and therefore have decided to support nationalism and BJP. As a result of nationalism wave, congress also benefited to some extent as congress party is the only other national party available to people of India as second option. If we look at the scenario in Karnataka, people have defeated the dynastic JDS. In Kerala, the electorates chose congress over BJP and defeated the insignificant communist party in Gods own land. Since BJP doesn’t have deep roots in Kerala and congress party having strong hold in the state, people have chosen congress party as it represents the national voice better than the negative communist party.

The feeling of same nationalism only has worked in Tamil Nadu as well. Tamil Nadu was ruled by congress party until 1967. BJP is yet to make its impression in the state. People of Tamil Nadu want to move away from the regional parties when they elect their representatives for the parliament. The nationalism only has kindled the people of Tamil Nadu to move towards congress party as they could connect with congress well as the party had ruled the state before the emergence of DMK. The wave of nationalism inspired by Modi has indirectly benefited the congress party both in Tamil Nadu and Kerala where BJP is yet to become strong. As a result of the above re-calibration of people towards nationalism, DMK become the accidental beneficiary and it won massively purely due to congress party.

It was debated earlier that DMK had given 10 parliamentary seats to congress party and which was quite fooling politics of DMK. But today it has been proven that DMK won all the seats it contested only because of congress party and the nationalism spirit invoked by BJP. People’s support would have shifted towards BJP this time if BJP has strong presence in Tamil Nadu. Whereas congress has got a traditional root in Tamil Nadu so people of the state has chosen congress party as it represents the national voice and all those aligned with congress naturally got benefited.

The serious fight from within AIADMK, the Dinakaran factor, other fringe players, all had traction considerable vote bank of AIADMK. Further the credibility of PMK and DMDK due to bitter criticism they had slapped on AIADMK till the eve of forming an alliance with AIADMK also had dented the electoral prospects of AIADMK.

People of Tamil Nadu will certainly repent soon for the grave mistake they have committed by electing DMK which knows nothing but play the politics of negativity, anti-Hindu and anti-God rhetoric. DMK also focused more on parliamentary election thinking that it can come to power at the centre so the party had invested all its eggs in parliamentary basket.

People of India has proved that Modi and BJP alone can save India and Tamil Nadu. The best and the wise political move of EPS and OPS has left enormous hope for Tamil Nadu to prosper. AIADMK decided to align with BJP and thereby AIADMK made sure that the state would continue to flourish with the continuous guidance of Modi and central government. DMK could not win considerable number of seats in the state and hence has to sit on fence with the hope that one day Stalin could become Chief Minister of the state.

If all warring factions of AIADMK decides to buy peace and work together to re-invent the golden rule of MGR and Amma, if PMK, DMDK and other alliance parties decides to work together with AIADMK without any division and difference and all of them collectively promote and spread the god governance of Modi and how important is for the state to support Modi than DMK-Congress alliance, the AIADMK alliance can not only defeat DMK but also can eliminate DMK from Tamil Nadu politics.

The AIADMK alliance must gain credibility by being together, fighting together for people and must spread the importance of development of the state than the divisive, regional politics of DMK.

DMK has won the election purely due to nationalism and congress, therefore defeating DMK is not that difficult for AIADMK alliance provided they together promote nationalism and Modi. The development centric and corruption free governance of Modi must be daily told to the people by all parties of AIADMK alliance and simultaneously people must be told about how they have wasted their vote by electing DMK which cannot offer anything to the state and only BJP government and AIADMK government alone can develop the state.

Congress party forming government at centre is not going to happen in the next 100 years and therefore electing Congress led or congress included alliance is only going to defeat the state. Hope people of the state would realize their mistake and would come back to AIADMK-BJP fold to save the state and remain with the ethos of one India.

S Ranganathan

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