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Defence deals which brought back India’s reputation

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As we all know that rapid militarization going on under the profound leadership of prime minister Modi. Previous regime thought that it would destabilize South Asia but resulted in paving way to Pakistan to enrich themselves with more modern weapons including upgraded squadrons of F16s and JF-17.

Since Modi came to power India is buying military hardware like never before. We have crossed 3 lakh crore budget for defence (allowance budget is not included). So let’s talk about the deals under Modi’s regime:

  1. Highly controversial Rafale deal: It comprises of 36 off shelf planes from dassult to replace the older jaguars and mig29k fighters.This deals amounts to whooping 7.87 billion US dollars.

2. AH64D Apache helicopters: Indian air force had only 15 attack helicopters in its inventory but an order of 22 Apache helicopters is given which helps to cover the hole that was haunting Indian air force. First batch in July.

3. M777 Howitzers: After Bofors not a single gun was purchased. But Modi make sure that it changes and it did.India bought 145 howitzers at the cost of ₹5070 crore.

4. K9 Vajra T: A bold move made by Modi led to a deal inked with South Korea for this beast. The ‘K9 Vajra-T’ Howitzer Program involves delivery of 100 systems in 42 months with an associated Engineering Support Package (ESP) covering spares, documentation and training and Maintenance Transfer of Technology (MToT) to the Army Base Workshop to support the Howitzer regiments throughout their life cycle.

5. INS Arihant: India’s first nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine sends a clear message to Pakistan that who dominates in the Arabian Sea.

The biggest deal of IAF is going to be finalised and that is MMRCA 2.0 Deal for 110 fighters but it could lead to another delay if regime changes just like they delayed rafale deal. India is getting strong day by day and Make in India initiative makes it a dream finally getting realized.

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