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And the hate begins – Some people just don’t learn

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The D-Day finally arrived which calmed the blood pressures and heartbeats of millions of Indians. Narendra Modi and the BJP got an even bigger mandate than 2014. But that was not the highlight of this path breaking election. The headline of the election was that the mandate was against the opposition.

The way the opposition has carried out itself in last 5 years is just shameful to say the least. The entire ecosystem made it their life mission to oppose, abuse and undermine PM Modi and his work. Terrorism was justified, Naxals were compared to Gandhians, Pakistan PM was hailed at the time of extreme tension, Pakistan Army General was hugged, secret meetings with the Chinese were carried out at the time of Doklam crisis & thereafter, Hindus, Constitutional institutions were destabilized, Indian culture was humiliated, dreams of breaking India were openly shouted, ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, ‘Vande Matram’ were termed communal and much much more – all this was done in the name of opposing one man – Narendra Damordas Modi.

After this huge victory; with all the ideological battles settled for now, lies and propaganda busted, opposition decimated; people thought that the ecosystem would have learnt something and would not act as fringe anymore and would join the mainstream. Oppose but not hate. However, as our ancient sacred books and texts show, “Vinashkale Viprit Buddhi” – when the end of the person is near, his intelligence is the first to leave.


In less than 72 hours of the results, some people showed that they just cannot change. Indian people were called ‘racists, bigots, jahills, communal, islamophobic’ through elaborated articles full of oxford-English words in ‘prestigious’ media portals or much more openly in TV debates or discussions. North-South divide theory was propagated for the loss as the “intellectual” Kerala elected Rahul Gandhi and Congress while the “uneducated” others fell for “BJP propaganda”. Some people termed the results as the loss of India itself while the other ‘sensible’ ones blamed BJP for ‘hijacking’ the Hindu mindset to win. Many lamented the death of “Idea of India”.

Some people just don’t learn!

These people have been shown the door. They have been given a clear message that Indians do not believe what they say and can see through their corrupted mindset. People have rejected the irresponsible opposition. If this is not historic then what is, that the biggest democracy of the world, where close to 65 crore people voted, after 5 years of rule by the most maligned leader of the world, chooses not only to re-elect him but decides to teach the opposition parties and leaders a lesson for their meltdown of 5 years!


Every one across the spectrum of ideologies or beliefs agrees that this mandate is a positive one and not against someone or for hate propaganda. People were fed up of the kind of politics that was played till 2014 and elected a leader who gave them the best ‘hope’ to change the status quo. For 5 years, he took decisions after decisions, changed policies on wholesale basis, took ideological positions completely opposite to what ‘ecosystem’ allowed, sometimes made people feel the brunt of his policies in a massive way; but after 5 years people asked him to continue again because they believe in the vision that has been given by him for a ‘New India’.

These people want everyone to believe that this is a win of BJP election campaign and its muscle and money power. They portrayed the entire BJP campaign as based on hate and anti-Muslim rhetoric. They term this election as the most vitriolic in the history of India. They want you to believe that BJP won because they managed to create a fear of Muslims among Hindus and thus polarizing the electorate with the balance skewed in the favor of Hindus.

Well, yes, this was indeed the most vitriolic election in the Indian history. But it was all one-sided. It seemed the entire opposition campaign was based on hate, abuse and maligning of Narendra Modi. In one rally he decided to list out the ‘titles and abuses’ he had received from the opposition camp, it crossed 50 with a lot more still remaining to be added.


On the other hand, Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders did attack the opposition but they never use the abusive words. There were a few leaders here and there but they were negligible compared to even 2014 campaign of the BJP. Opposition could not find any word used by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah which could be termed as in poor taste so they decided to object to legitimate words like ‘Bhrashatachari No.1’, ‘Pakistani flags’ and others.

Even the most contentious statement by the PM about Rahul Gandhi contesting from Waynad seat was in the context of the false narrative of ‘Hindu Terror’, not in relation to Hindu-Muslim relations. They cried hitting their chests about Yogi Adityanath’s statement of ‘Ali and BajrangBali’ but forgot to tell you that the statement was in response to Mayawati’s call of asking Muslims to vote as a block for Mahagathbandhan. This old lens of ‘secularism’ would not just work anymore.

Nationalism was at the fore front in this year election campaign and if that is equal to spreading hate then I wish more hate gets spread in this country.

The truth is some people who used to be so powerful that they could decide which ministers would get which portfolio sitting in their offices, some people who used to create popular false narratives with a snap of their fingers, and some people who had hijacked the collective thought process of this country for their own selfish interests – have been discarded to the oblivion and noise which you have to tolerate living in a democracy and nothing else.

So, while they waste their time in coming up with new and new theories for their and their masters’ decimation, PM Modi should focus on increasing the pace of his bold decisions in this term without even giving a second thought about them. Some people are just doomed due to their hate and pride.

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