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Understanding job uncertainty and unemployment in Modi’s India

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On a warm Sunday afternoon, he had gone over for lunch at his cousin sister’s place. His sister really looked forward to his visits. He was her uncle’s youngest child and she had a special affection for him.

After a sumptuous meal, they were discussing about life in general.

“So, how’s work?” she asked.

“Not so good.” he replied dejected.

She understood.

She knew that since the past 5 years, the industry her brother worked in was struggling under the new government’s policies, which was made worse by demonetization and GST. He also had tried changing jobs but things were not still looking up.

“I know the problems you are facing.” she said. “But given our family background and experience, you already have so many contacts in the industry. Why don’t you tap them?”

“Unfortunately, with the advent of social media and the government policies, my profession is becoming redundant. I am concerned about my future.” he replied.

“But not everything can be done through social media. You have some contacts in the new establishment as well. What happened to that?” she asked.

“I offended a senior person from the new establishment. So now people in position of power in the new establishment refuse to even talk to me.” he said dejected.

“But this is no way to do your job, just sitting in an AC office interviewing people. Why don’t you go out on the streets, debate, argue with and provoke people, maybe occasionally fist fight like some of the prominent people in your profession do?”

“I cannot do that. That style suit not suit me. My style is sitting down and interviewing a person face to face.” he said “I have a target to get an interview of an important person done by end of day today. If people refuse to talk to me, how am I going to do it? I am fed up of this professional uncertainty.” he said worried.

She understood her brother’s predicament. She was herself an accomplished writer of historical fiction and had seen her readership plummet in the last 5 years.

She said “Don’t worry. I have found you an eminent person you can interview to complete your targets.”

“Great! Who?” he said excited. He knew his sister would always be there when he needed her.

“Of course, it’s me, you silly. Did you forget that I write historical fiction better than Dan Brown and Ashwin Sanghi? Its just that these Sanghis do not have the caliber to understand and admire my works.”

“Oh what a relief. Of course, you are an eminent person! How did I miss!” he said and added “What do we talk about?”

“About your problems which we were just discussing. Employment, economy, demonetization and anti-people policies.”

“Great! Let’s start with the interview.” he said.

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