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Raw mechanic & IIT engineer give same suggestion

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Jotting down own observation on people from two different backgrounds. It requires a description in the way their feeling covered that unimportant tip. It certainly draws readers’ attention but seldom receives a typical reaction. What was ably suggested by an aged mechanic at the company’s workshop was for a second time hinted at by an IIT engineer. This was what surprising for the two-wheeler owner out and out. It was also a complete and total surprising experience. He never imagined hearing just the same suggestion from a raw experienced mechanic and a degree holder engineer from famous IIT.

The piece of advice which came out before the vehicle possessor from both the sides was focused on a simple matter. It was pointed on the pair of keys that the vehicle purchaser secures from the company on purchase of the motor vehicle. Normally two keys in a ring with a number mentioned on the soft-metallic tiny leaf are given to the buyer. The company supposes that the customer would preserve one key at some safe place and carry out the driving exercise with another spare key.

Nevertheless, the indigenous habit restraints the owner from being so cautious and careful. The vehicle runs without giving this important instruction into practice. This applied to that particular owner too. Both the keys were generally used, one for ignition and another for opening the dickey or covered space under the seat.

As the two-wheeler was booked for the servicing, the owner thought of mending the bowed key herewith. The slightly deformed key was brought into its original shape. Looking at the keys the mechanic suggested the man remove one key from the ring. He even kept on saying that one key was enough to serve both the purpose. That suggestion was repeated by an IIT engineer also. His advice was also centered on carefulness. He stressed that it would not only save him from unnecessary trouble but also save him from any kind of monetary burden. Keeping one extra key with its number leaf at the safe place helps avail a duplicate key if the extra key gets lost, he stated.

That man began to think there was no difference between a mechanic’s advice and the engineer’s hint. One was perfect because of his knowledge learned through experience after long avocation at the workshop while another was complete with the bookish awareness at one renowned engineering institute. That mechanic was nowhere lesser than the degree holder in this matter.

It has been rightly said that experience makes a man wise. The bookish knowledge shapes the mind in a sophisticated way but the experience remains nowhere substandard in our day-to-day life. That’s why Shakespeare said every person plays a role in life.

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