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Mother proposes and son disposes: Varun Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi this election

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Damn it. Words were harsh and hard. She may have considered, “Oh! God, what I have said, I became so keyed up. It could have probably been owing to her fit of speechifying. She forgot about focusing on her fluency. However, her only obedient son Varun Gandhi came to her rescue subsequently. She was of course indicted for her razor-sharp remarks. She had to later make clarifications in her own particular way. Whatever was said by her appeared to have been uncomfortable for even Varun Gandhi?

That was why he came as an obedient son and tried to cleanse her mother’s bitter language in regard to the Muslim voters of the constituency. He said it won’t be a problem if the Muslims would not vote for him, saying he would help them out with their work. Notwithstanding her mother was just the contrary in her views. His mother Maneka Gandhi had said the Muslims should vote for her or else she may not be inclined to be responsive to their requests.

Like an ideal son he did not hesitate in rectifying the real damage. His comments came days after. However she explained that her words had been twisted. Intervening into the all-around disapproval of the expression, as a mature politician Varun Gandhi presented himself in the respective characters of Rama and Bharat at the same time. He thought it his paramount responsibility to make the damage control. His comments somewhere have lessened the sharpness concealed in her mother’s fury.

Without doubt Maneka Gandhi was more experienced politician than her only son but the son has shown his perceptive views in image improvement. Here it can be said that Varun Gandhi has even crossed Rahul Gandhi and acted like Priyanka Gandhi. There is an oft-repeated Biblical proverb which goes thus: Man proposes and God disposes. But in the political field this very maxim turned topsy-turvy. This was apparent with what Maneka Gandhi said in her message to the Muslims. Later on Varun Gandhi used his political wit in uttering a totally different expression regard to the Muslim voters. In way it was more like mother proposes and son disposes.

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