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Imran Khan flunked in global geography

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Mixing two diverse borders together is nothing but a complete oversight. It was a slip of the tongue and not worth swallowing. An Indian sub-continent student can never accept Japan’s border siding with Germany. Only Turkey holds the advantage of staying in the map with Asia and Europe. As regards Japan, its international border does not stand with Germany which connects its border directly with France and other European countries. Japan is in news not only because of Pak PM’s flaw but an Indian was also elected MLA in that country.

This was not the first time he was flunked in geography. If we look at the Europe’s physical map, Japan is nowhere standing near Germany’s border. The continents are different; therefore it becomes crystal clear that these two countries cannot share borders in any manner. If Imran Khan can elucidate why the error on his part has taken place, what common sense causes the blunder. What intellect does it make to not to be bothered about mixing two different borders?

Definitely no rationale keeps going and uptight efforts to save him are entirely impractical. What was earlier stuck with the Congress party president Rahul Gandhi appears to have glued now with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan? Both have received education in England’s famous institutions of higher education but lack the basic bookish knowledge which their respective ancestors without doubt had received with much precision.

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If Imran Khan had studied history at Oxford, Rahul Gandhi had also studied M. Phil at Cambridge. With the flawed familiarity in the subjects like geography, the history cannot be grasped accurately. He was given a benefit of doubt when he uttered Germany and Japan share an international border. He did not mention France in his speech. He heaves in the grey space between the two varied kinds of comprehension.

History requires the students to learn about the country’s geography too. But who cares when the proverb ulti ganga bahti hai verifies everything? There was a time when London-returned Indian barristers used to excel in their educational dexterity in the pre-independent sub-continent. However this notion seemed to have reversed now. Politicians in both the countries have proved that there was intense need of including requisite criterion of the educational qualification for being a contestant in the parliamentary elections after every five-year term.

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