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Hindu teenage girls abduction in Pakistan – Congress MLA Saleh Mohammad’s connection

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The Bharchundi Sharif Dargah in Pakistani Sindh is the site of the Bharchundi Dargah Peer in the area of Ghotki in Sindh/Pakistan, who has been instrumental in the forced conversion and rape of over 500 Hindu teenage girls. It has been repeatedly reported that the Bharchundi Dargah is intensively involved in abductions and forced conversions of Hindu teenage girls, often by brazenly invading the homes of the parents and taking away the girls. Hindus with girl-children are terrified in Pakistan. This is very similar to the rape and sex slavery of “Yazdi” girls practiced by the Islamic State or ISIS, found in the Quran and the Hadith. Even Saudi Arabia practiced slavery till the 1970s when the Al-Sauds were forced to give it up after America made them do it.

Congress MLA Saleh Mohammad from Rajasthan is closely involved with Sindh Pir/Madrassas in Pakistan who have been kidnapping, raping and abducting Hindu teenage girls from their families to convert them by force to Islam. There is ample material to show that the Bharchundi Dargah/madrassa in Ghotki in Sindh which is notorious for kidnapping and forced conversion of Hindu girls, has close ties with Saleh Mohammad’s father Ghazi Fakeer. Ghazi Fakeer is part of those who select the Sindhi Peer Pagara, and has regular interaction with Sindhi Muslims who force to convert and kidnap Hindu teenage girls.

Sindh and south Pakistan Punjab Islamic Dargahs are closely involved in rape, kidnapping and forced conversions to Islam of Hindu teenage girls. These are rubberstamped by Pakistan’s infamous Islamic judiciary.

The economic times published an article where Saleh Mohammad and his father Ghazi Fakeer’s connection to Sindhi Muslims is clear. In fact, Ghazi Fakeer is documented and well known to be a lieutenant of the Pir Pagara, and that the influence upon Rajasthan-Sindhi Muslims, more than 500,000 in number, who are Indian citizens in Rajasthan, oscillates between the Pir Pagara and Shah Makhdoom Qureshi, the Pakistani foreign minister who is also a Peer of a Dargah called the Ghousia Jamaat in Multan. Ghazi Fakeer and his son clearly enjoy enough heft for the son to have been elected as Congress party MLA. As the article shows, Ghazi Fakeer is involved in illegally collecting “Nazrana” to be sent to pakistan. Such “nazrana” collected from india is then used by these muslim pakistani shrines to fund the hindu teenage girls’ forced conversion, as well as to fund islamic terror groups attacking india.

It was curiously not clear why Pakistan’s information minister chose to respond to Sushma Swaraj’s tweets decrying the forced conversion and kidnapping of Hindu teenage girls in Pakistan- Shah Makhdoom Qureshi did not utter a word. This is not only because the practice of forced conversion is supported by the Makhdoom’s followers in Rajasthan, but because he did not want to draw attention to his role as a rapacious Makhdoom of yet another Pakistani Islamic Dargah who is involved in forced conversions of Hindu teenage girls when he plays his religious role. The Pakistani foreign minister in his role as the head of a Muslim Dargah as well as the congress MLA Saleh Mohammad and his father Ghazi Fakeer are therefore directly culpable in funding Islamic terror groups and forced conversions of Hindu teenage girls.

Widely condemned practice and criminalized paedophilia by all non-Muslim countries and even by some progressive Muslim countries, Indian Rajasthani-Sindhi Muslims continue to follow this highly questionable practice. It is nothing but child molestation and rape. The Muslim President of India, Abdul Kalam, was a vegetarian and never hurt animals. A Muslim like Abdul Kalam should be revered by the Islamic community.

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