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Beware of Congress’s metamorphosis

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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

The Congress- the Left- the Liberal journalists’ lethal mix is at it (making combined effort) again. Here, the Left did not mean the CPM or CPI, directly joining hands and fighting with the Congress. It’s their cadres that embraced the Congress at Rahul Gandhi’s invitation and insistence. There is a horde of communist activists that are willing to fight/work under the Congress banner. This fact is evident from the recent article in the Print (online portal) written by Neelam Pandey (dt: 31st March 2019) wherein she writes Rahul Gandhi’s new adviser (though not fully anointed) Sandeep Singh is a former JNU student who waved black flags at Manmohan Singh in November 2005 when he visited JNU. Know why he and his team waved black flags? For Manmohan Singh government’s “anti-people policies”.

After Singh joining the Congress party, he apologized for the ‘black flags’ demonstration, writes Neelam Pandey. Where is the courage of conviction in Sandeep Singh? Singh was no small a fry. He was the elected president of the JNU Students Union in 2007. He was associated with the far-Left Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist). Now, it seems, he distanced himself from Left Politics with some disillusionment at personal level and has taken his refuge under the Congress. In a short time, he has become the Congress party president Rahul Gandhi and the general secretary Priyanka Vadra’s adviser. And he is likely to become very soon the Congress party’s strategist. He is also (according to a quote in the article) wooing the Left wing students to join the Congress and to raise themselves to the higher posts in the Congress party! All this means that the Congress now is a de facto Communist party (or so in the making). There are many hundreds of Communist ideology students from All India Students Association (AISA) that have joined as foot soldiers to the Congress.

It’s also revealed in the article that the Congress insiders claim Singh is the brain behind the anti-corporate, pro-poor tilt in Rahul and Priyanka’s speeches and social media posts. Prime Minister Modi effectively countered the narrative of the Congress’s pro-poor program in his speech (on 31st March) by stating that from the first prime minister to the UPA II, the Congress kept up poverty, in stead of its eradication to its ( the Congress’s) benefit to raise in each election.

Rahul Gandhi on one side hopping to temples and on other side filling the party with CPM-L’s cadres whose ideology is alien to this country. The cadres viscerally hate Hinduism and Hindu practices. The Indian communists are not agnostics like the ones elsewhere in other countries. They love minority religions in India and wouldn’t mind the whole of India getting converted into those religions. By inducting the Communists, Rahul Gandhi is trying bring the worn-out ideology (in the whole world) into fore and also people that are inimical to Hindu interest.

Coming to Liberal journalists, they assume the Congress party alone stands for their kind of people. They conveniently forget that the Congress muzzled them while in power. They in their own wisdom believe that when it comes bread and butter issues: jobs, growth and agricultural stress, the BJP is a failure and the Congress has every right to raise those questions to win over voters. As a matter of fact, those issues are a legacy of the Congress-led UPA II. The Congress cannot claim a moral high ground. These Lib journalists also have a problem when Modi raises national security matters.

Shekhar Gupta in his recent article while giving credit to Modi government to boast that in its five years, there has not been a big terror attack outside of Kashmir i.e. in the mainland India, as Pakistani groups have not hit anywhere else, writes, that Modi accuses his opposition of having been soft on terror. What prime minister Modi says regarding security, connects with most people in India. Only Lib journalists are grievant of the fact.

For Shekhar Gupta the Congress’s NYAY- providing basic income to poor has an interesting ring and a great political idea. To him that great idea is getting eclipsed with nationalism and national security of the BJP. As a matter of fact, the BJP planned and implemented many pro poor programs viz. Mudra loans, Ùjjwala LPG connections, agricultural support, direct loan transfers, power connections and so on. All in all, Parties in power know the ground realities. Poverty alleviation is needed and is an on going process in India. No party or individual is against the poor. Each is searching for a way out. India eradicated poverty much better now than earlier with many monetary schemes and welfare measures in place. Nation’s security takes top priority compared to all the on-going programs within the nation. We as people, we as Indians exist, if our nation exists intact. So it’s an existential problem. Hence nation’s security is paramount. In this regard the BJP is better positioned than the Congress.


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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer
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