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Will going against nation help Congress to win the election?

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Recently Rahul Gandhi recently gives a statement that “China blocks move to ban Masood Azhar ‘weak’ Narendra Modi scared” rather than the words of opposition party it more  sounds like the words of spokesperson of Jaiesh –e –Mohammed on India, USA, France and UK failure in UNSC just because of  China blocking Masood Azhar’s designation as a global terrorist and this is not the first time when Rahul Gandhi seems to be happy just because Modi govt fails at something and he gets a topic to blame the Modi government and make it a baseless issue but he forget in his vote bank politics he became the poster boy of Pakistan and he doesn’t understand the simple difference but raising question against the govt and raising question against the nation.

You will get the idea that how much he is popular in Pakistan, these terrorist outfit organizations by this that in an open interview given to the news agency in Pakistan the head of terrorist outfit Lashkar e Taiba Hafiz Saeed consider Rahul Gandhi as a good person and when a terrorist praises you that it’s not a good sign for that person and for that political party because they have done something wrong with the nation by which these terrorist organizations are benefited and in case of Congress and Rahul Gandhi. There is not a one or two things there are plenty of blunders done by them. Like after 9/11 congress party didn’t take any serious action just like Modi govt did on a couple of occasion after URI and Pulwama attacks. Rahul Gandhi also designated a terrorist as Masood Azhar Ji and asked the same question which these terrorist want to ask, they continued asking for the proofs of the attack in Pulwama and speaking the same language of Pakistan and terrorist.

This terrorist organizations like Rahul Gandhi and Congress party so much just because they know that this is the only party which can help them to fulfill their prophecy of Ghazwa e Hind and recent incident prove this true and they know this is the party which compromised the security of nation on the name of Dalali in defense deal also. They know this party doesn’t possess that leadership and decision making quality which current government has and which is very dangerous for them. Rahul Gandhi just wants to win the election and become the PM of the country at any cost for that even he has to compromise with the national interest or just to speak the same language of terrorists and Pakistan.

Maybe just because of this at that time Mahatma Gandhi wanted to disband the Congress.

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Student, Indian, dumbthoughts, Proud Hindu
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