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Why the politics of DMK, Congress seems dangerous to Tamil Nadu

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Forming alliance by political parties with contrasting ideologies during election season is well known. Alliances are formed mostly to win an election and therefore asking questions about whether the political parties have betrayed the party principle, value system and how they used to abuse each other in the past would hold no meaning or merit. The question is not about the alliance whether it is holy or unholy; such branding can be ascertained only by the people. The point of worry is not about such alliances but about the politics that is being played out by different alliance parties to win election and come to power.

The politics played out by DMK and Congress alliance look very dangerous to the future of Tamil Nadu. Both the DMK and Congress party often brand BJP as Hindu divisive force and anti-minority party. But if we carefully study the politics played by the president of DMK in the recent time, the signals are quite worrisome and look like may endanger the harmony and peace of Tamil Nadu in near future. The dangerous and divisive politics of DMK may not be meant to stop the expansion of BJP in the state but it looks like DMK is left with no choice other than playing Christian-Muslim card and consolidate its base. The reason for the fear of DMK is due to the ‘intellectual resonance’ that is created among Tamil youths by several self-appointed guardians and owners of Tamil identity in the state.

The contribution of Seeman, Maniarasan, Sakthivel etc., to Tamil Nadu is incredible as they have thoroughly exposed DMK and EV Ramasamy Naicker to show how they have disfigured Tamil identity and imposed Dravidian crown upon Tamil Nadu to hide own Telugu identity and how they played pro-Tamil politics to fool people etc.

During war against Tamils in Sri Lanka in the past, DMK was in power in the state and the congress party was in power at the centre where DMK was also a partner. But DMK did nothing to stop the massacre with its power both in the state as well as in the centre which is known to everyone.  Similarly DMK also did nothing to uplift the poor and suppressed communities when Sattanathan commission recommended economic considerations to be taken up for reservation and the backward community from creamy layer must be excluded from the reservation benefit which Karunanidhi refused to heed to as he believed that such move may affect his political interest.

Today it looks like DMK wants to consolidate its base with Christian and Muslim community with the help of christen missionaries and to catapult such benefit, DMK is using congress and its president. The politics played by DMK is quite dangerous to the state in near future.

The Tamil Desia parties on the other hand are constantly exposing DMK and galvanizing the Tamil people. But only flaw people see in their approach is that they are isolating and alienating people from other states and minorities. Further they are also tutoring to the people that Tamil people are not Hindus. The fear of Stalin may be that in future the real Tamil people may not support DMK as DMK cannot sell either Dravidian politics or Tamil brand politics because DMK is neither sincere in its Dravidian branding nor to the Tamil cause. Then the only population that DMK can bank in near future is minority and the people from other states.

The Tamil desia parties may not attract much support in the state because they wants to strip the family card, voting right and other fundamental rights of Indian citizens to the people of others states settled in Tamil Nadu. Such brand of politics is quite dangerous albeit; it is going to be successful or not. By brainwashing Tamil people as not Hindus, the Tamil Desia parties are doing nothing but what EV Ramasamy Naicker has done in his entire lifetime.

To counter Tamil desia parties, DMK is appears to be surrendering itself to certain Christian missionaries and other minority religion and sowing consciously the seeds of religious disharmony. The tradition of DMK is that it had sowed the seeds of hatred towards Brahmins, Hindus, God and the religious practices of Hinduism in the past. Now the same DMK appears to be sowing the seeds of hatred towards Tamil people by positing itself as mascot of certain religious missionaries.

It looks like Tamil Nadu is going to fall between devil and dead sea and the only hope looks at the sight is AIADMK alliance which people consider as very progressive and positive alliance.

The state under EPS is growing steadily and the poor and downtrodden people have started to see the fruits of good governance of EPS. Narendra Modi at the centre and EPS in the state alone can save India and Tamil Nadu which people have started to recognize slowly.

Hope Tamil Nadu will not give any room for minority appeasement politics of DMK and will instead support the politics of development, national security and sab ka vikas which are the governance principle of Modij, MGR and Amma.

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