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Why Congress’ promise of NYAY looks like ANYAY for Indians

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Recently Congress president Rahul gandhi announced a scheme called Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) in which he promised of transferring a 6000 Rs. per month in account of 50M families. It sounds good but is it really practical and is it hitting their target?

Looks like it isn’t. Elections are just a month away and the people who are being targeted in this scheme are those who are either not really living in their birthplace and has shifted to developed states for better life and to earn bread and butter or still working very hard yet unable to earn enough due to their inabilities or illiteracy, and unfortunately they both can’t be Congress’ vote bank, as the ones working abroad probably won’t come back to their place to vote the other ones won’t have any knowledge about this scheme.

also those are the people who mostly do not have access to social media, TV, internet etc, so how will congress reach those people in that much time? The scheme cannot be conveyed to those people in this short time.

However some economist have backed their plan and looking for application of this scheme but the amount needed for this will be more than our current Defence budget.

it is also to be noted that as per world poverty clock there are 44 people coming out of poverty every minute and even at this pace India’s people living under extreme poverty will come down to below 3% by 2030 or early.

India is going at a very Good pace right now. NYAY may put our economy under pressure and there would be more burden of subsidies and ultimately the one who will bear it will be Middle class.

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