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Say #YesToJustice for our Abhinandans!

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On 14th Feb, 44 Abhinandans boarded on their convoy to move from a location to another. One Jehadi mind became a little religious and that concluded into a blast – India lost 44 Abhinandans in a moment. Only task remaining was, for us, to identify and collect their body parts and to give back to their families. All notion of ‘body wrapped in Tiranga’, ‘national anthem’ and ‘people shouting Bharat mata ki Jay’ are just the meaningless tantrum so that we can replace the word ‘Murdered’ with ‘Martyred’ and move on without any sense of guilt and responsibility.

Yes, 44 Abhinandans were not martyred but murdered mercilessly on Valentine’s day and then murder of those Abhinandans were celebrated as well in some parts of India. And all we do is finding excuses to move on with our lives without guilt. #SayNoToWar without demanding justice is one such nice and tested method to come out of our own sense of guilt!

An Army man does his job for his livelihood, to get the respect in life and a better times for his family, very same as we do. Let’s not get emotional on the desh-bhakti quotient. But as their job is to secure the land and the people and so it’s tough but ‘you have to die’ is nowhere written in their job profile, too. None wants to get killed for a job and so our Jawans too. When they secure us, it’s our Dharma to make policies such that they stay secure. Their murder can’t be a ‘normal’ for a healthy society.

It’s really a big deal when they get murdered and even bigger than the captivity of pilot Abhinandan. It’s great to know people’s concern on seeing his bleeding nose but we couldn’t even find the body parts of our other 44 Abhinandas. Justice needs to served here too. If you feel their murders is a ‘normal’ then you have a warmongering mind with a slight difference that you want to listen the news of fewer deaths per day.

To me, each one of them are very important. yes, Indian govt must bring back Abhinandan but If I could, I would have also started #BringBack40Abhinandans tag on twitter for those 40 as well. Unfortunately, No! But It’s time to tell the murderers to stop else We will neutralise them for the sake of protecting our people and our system.

Am I looking for revenge! Yes, I get into reaction sometimes but then I realise Peace must be given a chance if there is even .0001% chance of getting my killer transformed into a human being. If there is even a probability of one out of Lakhs that killers of my abhinandan can be changed for good, I am for it.


But if my repeated efforts of changing Jehadi mind don’t yield and I accept that as a normal , all I am doing is asking more abhinandans to die.

I have no hatred for Pakistan. why should I have? I have no enmity with civilians for Pak despite they failed to justify the term civility by not questioning their own govt’s policy on terrorism. May be they are afraid of their lives too. But I can’t let terrorists to come at will and kill my Abhinandans.

I am not emotional at all. People die in conflicts at both side. My heart goes to people of both side but justice must happen for innocents killings. War is not a solution, will never be! But Hitler must be neutralised if he doesn’t stop killing jews. Its plain and simple logic and not warmongering.


Say No to Cowardice! Say No to Terrorism! Say Yes to Justice for our own Abhinandans!

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