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Government indecisiveness – model code of conduct – affects

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TR Madhavan
Self employed, Social Service, Citizen Journalist, Blogger
Sri. Sunil Arora
The Chief Election Commissioner of India,
Election Commission of India

New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

It was only in 1979 that restrictions were incorporated for the party in power. The party in power, both in the Centre and the state:

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Ministers and other authorities must not announce any financial grants, or promise any construction of roads, provision of drinking water, and so on.

On the clause wish to seek clarification of your good offices that, provision Drinking Water is one of basic amenities to be made available to the citizens by the government of the day or not? Every citizen has the fundamental rights for it or not?

On this issue, our is a residential complex constructed and occupied in 2000. About 700 families belonging to low and middle income group and mostly come from a minority community. When inmate occupied the premises 2000, there was no water supply in this locality.

Water supply infrastructure was made available to locality in the year 2006 and that time itself the connection charges payable to the department was found unaffordable. We the residents agreed to monthly consumption charges and repeatedly requesting the successive governments to give relaxation on connection charges amounting to several lakhs, neither the elected representatives fought for our cause nor government responded to our pleas.

After formation of new Telangana state we again wrote to the new government clearly stating our request as said to earlier governments. Without properly reading any representation the concerned minister will inform the petitioner via email or letter about his/her instructions given to concerned department.

Basing on his noting the water surveyed the locality and gave final feasibility report to their concerned committee for sanction of sanction. For gave us an intimation letter amounts payable under various heads amounting to nearly ₹ 1.65 crores. We sought clarification and finally the board said relaxation sought needs the sanction of the government.

The government till date has not told relaxation can’t be given or it is under consideration. From past 4 years we are facing water crisis for our day to day needs. Forced to buy at a higher price bore water from private suppliers like we are buying drinking water. Even after Member of Parliament writing to the government before 2018 assembly elections and present parliament election announcement government is silent on the issue.

The summer is approaching the private suppliers shoot up their which will drain our pockets. When we are pursuing our case with the government the Model Code of Conduct has become a hurdle, like it happened last November.

Such clauses especially on a lifeline item water as well as on pending representations gives room to the government to delay the matter and make citizens to drop the fight against indecisive government.

Hope, the Hon’ble Commission consider our representation and communicate how best your good offices can help during this MCC period.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Sr. Citizen & Citizen Journalist,
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TR Madhavan
Self employed, Social Service, Citizen Journalist, Blogger

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