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From the death and decay of congress, DMK has grown and victorious

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Why did the DMK president propose the name of Rahul Gandhi as the prime minister candidate of the united opposition? Both Stalin and Rahul Gandhi fully know that the above proposal would not get support even from congress party but still why did Stalin made such political adventure?

The answer is simple. DMK does not want to lose the congress to other regional parties in Tamil Nadu who were competing to ally with congress. Stalin knows that he is fighting a tough battle against the shrewdest political leader, E Palanisamy who is the present chief minister of Tamil Nadu as well as Narendra Modi, the most popular and admired political leader of India who is incorrupt, development centric, against dynastic politics and nepotism.

Although the coronation of Stalin as president of DMK was smooth as DMK was always a family establishment from the day Anna died and Dr. MGR was thrown out of party because MGR questioned some of the corrupt practices of Karunanidhi. So there is nothing great in the coronation of Stalin as the president of DMK as it was his birth right to take over the family establishment from his father.

Several surveys (might have been done at the behest of DMK) done in Tamil Nadu in the recent past have shown a clean sweep for DMK if election were held. Actually all such surveys must have boosted the confidence DMK but in fact DMK looked rattled today to face the election. Post RK Nagar debacle, Stalin is very skeptical of victory as he doesn’t enjoy great acceptance in the state and support even in the party.

In order to prevent the congress party moving towards either Kamal Hassan or TTV Dinakaran, Stalin would have proposed the name of Rahul Gandhi as the prime ministerial candidate of the united opposition. Stalin knew fully well that his proposal will certainly please Sonia Gandhi the most and thereby he can ensure congress ally with DMK and not with any other party. Stalin wants congress to its side to put up a decent fight. Although congress does not have any support base in TN, but at national level, congress as a party has still some symbolic value. Stalin wants to use that symbolic value to win the forthcoming parliamentary election.

If we carefully study the history of DMK, its birth and growth, it was the congress that had ensured the victory of DMK. When Hindi language was introduced as the national language by then Nehru government, DMK capitalized the anti-Hindi protest and evoked Tamil nationalism to galvanize its vote bank. DMK also converted the acute shortage of rice in the early 1960’s and thereby came to power in 1967 by demolishing the congress party.

After the death of Kamaraj, the central leadership of congress party had never cared to develop the party in the state but was happy to settle with either DMK or AIADMK for a few parliamentary seats so that the congress can remain in power at the centre and from the centre it can whip the regional parties that fail to wag its tail to congress government.

DMK however made sure that the power was never shared with the congress party in the state.  Although the leaders like Dindivanam Ramamurthy persuaded the congress high command to demand for power sharing in the state with congress, the central leadership of congress was unwilling which had progressively destroyed the congress party in the state.

But today things look different for DMK. DMK need the congress party more than the congress party is in need of DMK.

The leadership of Stalin lack charisma, vision, wisdom, maturity or enthusiasm. Even the DMK party men are not so enthused by Stalin let alone the people of Tamil Nadu. Further Stalin is trying to revive the hate politics and politics of anti-Hindu, anti God, anti-Hindi sentiments of early 1960’s. It looks like Stalin has submitted himself to Tamil fantasists and Christian missionaries. He is not even dared to deal Vaika because Stalin has realized that he is in a precarious position today and therefore every drop of water is necessary to make the mighty ocean.

On a cursory look at the social media, one may be tempted to assume that DMK is quite powerful but the ground reality is different. People are no more interested in DMK coming to power and the politics of dynasty ruining the state further.

Although EPS was started off with low profile but EPS ensured that the state continues to prosper and move forward with the dreams and visions of Amma. EPS further recognized the importance of governance and not politics and hence developed best chemistry with PM Narendra Modi who is very passionate to develop the state.

People of Tamil Nadu must remember that any aberration to the present style of governance would destabilize the state.  EPS has taken several initiatives to develop the state and uplift the poor people.  Similarly India has grown remarkably in different frontiers and the world see India no more as scam filled, dynasty and nepotism dominant country.

Therefore the victory of AIADMK, BJP alliance is necessary more for the state than for the alliance.  Politics of dynasty, nepotism, corruption, anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Hindi rhetoric will do no good to the state.  Hope the politics of dynasty, corruption and nepotism will disappear from the state and EPS, Modi combine will take the state to new heights of development and prosperity.

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