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Agarkar is better batsman than Tendulkar: A liberal with his MDAPYC logic argues

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Rajendra jee was very excited last Sunday when I met him, knowing him so well I was sure he would have got some krantikari narrative for me.

“Do you know, Agarkar is a better batsman than Tendulkar?”, he said after few minutes of our formal conversation.

“What?” I exclaimed “Kuch bhi? I know you like these weird theories but this is too much”.

Rajendra jee says he is empathetic and democracy lover yet he is critical of anything which the Indian mass loves, he lives in United states, the capital of Capitalism yet he criticizes Ambani & Adani , he says he hates corruption yet he supports Lalu and Gandhi family against Modi, he calls himself liberal yet he hates a set of people who love their thousand year old culture, he has good collection of books yet has narrow view point of everything, he hates Bollywood, says it is too over the top action/emotion yet loves it when Jack Bauer does super hero stuffs in 24. In short, the typical hypocrite which is loved by few big cities wanna be individuals.

Anyways, this theory was a bit too much even by his standards. I asked “Enlighten me sir about this Tendulkar/Agarkar thing.”

He counter questioned me, “Which ground is Mecca of Cricket?”

I replied, “Lords”.

He said “Correct! and do you know what is the average of Tendulkar at Lords? A meager 22 with no century.” After a pause he continued, “and Agarkar averages 111 at Lords with 1 century, this is the reason.”

I said, “It’s okay for one specific ground but this is not the only criteria to judge a batsman, I am sure on other several criteria Tendulkar would be much ahead.”

He said, “It’s my opinion that only this criteria supersedes all other parameter. This is my dream of Cricket.”

“Ok then do not put your opinion as fact. You have heavy followers on Social Media, who knows some Krantikari Yougsters would buy this theory”. I said

“And?” He asked.

“This will agitate Sachin Fans”, I said.

He laughed, “Ok , you mean the bhakts? ha ha ha. I hate them and I will definitely put it to irritate them.”

“Then couple of hot head will abuse and you will get good chance of playing victim. Right? Plus golden opportunity to brush all the Tendulkar fans with same brush.” I said sarcastically.

He was not prepared for this. He said, “Leave this, you will not get it. Anyways I have got couple of offers to write blogs from media houses.”

“Great. Which one sir?”

“Well NDTV and WIRE. I need to decide which one to write for”.

“I am sure you would do good in both. Chalo sir, bye for the day. Good Luck with your MDAPYC” I said moving ahead, he asked, “What does that mean”?

“Manipulating Data As Per Your Convenience but you know what? people are much smarter than what you think, bye see you next weekend”.

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