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The war of civilization : How Pulwama terror attack is a war on Bharat’s civilization

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When on February 14th 2019 at around 3:30 pm, Jaish-e-Mohammad’s Adil Ahmad Dar (20) rammed with his SUV into CRPF Vehicle with 350 Kg IED, it turned out to be most heinous and dastardly terror attack in the valley in nearly 3 decades. Around 40 of our brave warriors were martyred. The whole nation went into mourning. Another act of Islamic Terror and another chain of condolences and condemnation. Pakistan once again made the nation to mourn. Series of protest broke out throughout the nation to show its anger against terrorist and terrorist safe-haven Pakistan. While whole world condemned that incident there were some in India who were preparing to justify it. Those were the ’eminent’ pseudo-seculars of India. They do not understand why that boy became terrorist and vowed to killed ‘Gaumutra drinkers’. They do not understand why he said “I will be in heaven”.

The biggest mistake that our government and our society does in context of terror attacks or in concern of Kashmir is considering it only as an act of cross-border terrorism. The situation of Kashmir is not because of Pakistan or Kashmir’s geopolitical position, it is because of Islamic radicalization. Crying and mourning in front of International Community, Waiting for UN to designate some Masood Azar a terrorist or The chimerical isolation of Pakistan will lead to no place. No other country except for India can do anything in Kashmir to solve the problem because it is not a geopolitical war it’s an ideological war. Terrorist groups pick up already semi-radicalized children, already kafir hating Islamists and convert them into a full-fledged Jihadi.

Terrorist ideologue always requires justification from pseudo-secularist, whom they consider as idiots, for their heinous actions of jihad. When people like Pseudo-secularists say “Pulwama bomber Adil Ahmad Dar became terrorist after he was beaten up by troops”, they are justifying an act of Jihad which will inspire hundreds of semi-radicalized youths to become full-fledged Jihadis. When pseudo-secularist say “Even U.S. forces couldn’t hold Afghanistan and Iraq after large scale suicide attacks” they are paving way for destruction of our own civilization. No wonder these lobby of left-liberals, when they justify terror, get huge audience in nations like Pakistan who need such kind of inane justification.

Why does Kashmiri youths becomes terrorist? Because they are filled with a notion of hatred for Kafirs, because in their ignorance they believe what they are taught. Kashmiri youth thinks he is a descendent of Mohammad Ghaznavi, Mohammad Ghori, Sikander Butshikan and they should not live with Kafirs. They, like Pakistanis, are told proudly that ‘We Ruled India for 800 years’ and that ‘We will again rule India’. This same mentality lead to exodus of original inhabitants Kashmiri Pundits. This same mentality of radical Islamic rule lead to destruction of around 738 Temples, 2754 Idols and killing and raping of innocent Kashmiri Pundits between 1986 and 1990. What happened in Kashmir in 1990 was not immediate anger but centuries of radicalization of Muslims in the valley.

Starting from invasion of Dhu ‘1 Qadr Khan or Zulju in 1320 and followed by rule of Sikander Butshikan who mercilessly butchered thousands of Hindus, carried large scale conversion, imposed Jaziya tax, forbade Hindu to apply Tilak and destroyed hundreds of temples and idols including the Great Martund Sun Temple of Parihaspur. And then Zain-ul-Abidin who discarded Sanskrit as state language. What happened on 13th July 1931 was a small result of years of radicalizations and cornering of Hindu community in Kashmir and eventually leading to 1990 exodus. Why do they become radicalized? Not because they are unemployed, poor, had suffered humiliation once or because they are beaten.

All such reasons are fatuous and befuddled reasons. They become radicalized because they don’t know Kashmir is the Land of Sage Kashyap who drained the waters of lake Satisar by cutting gap in hill eventually giving the name to the very land – Kashyapmir. Because they don’t know Kashmir is the land of Patanjali, Bharat Muni, Kumarajiva, Great Abhinavgupta, Lalitaditya Muktapida and Kalhan.

To understand the situation of Kashmir we must look into radical Islam carefully. When we see some people justifying and enjoying the tragic death of our soldiers, we should know it that there is a serious misinformation campaign and a serious brainwashing of people. Whether it’s a Basim Hilal of AMU, Kayshir Rashid of Dehradun, Mazhar Hasmi of Bihar or a Debjit Bhattacharjee of Bengal these all are getting radicalized by that misinformation and pseudo-secular justification. As J Sai Deepak very well puts that “Pakistan is not a country it is a mindset and its existence is not limited to the territory of Pakistan” it is an idea which makes people to fear the very existence of minority in a Hindu majority nation, an idea which makes people unsure of our present and fearful of our future.

As J Sai Deepak said “To the Pakistani mindset, the Indian Muslim who subscribes to Bharat’s civilizational values and is proud of its heritage and sees an invader/bigot in Babur, Aurangzeb or Tipu Sultan, is either a Mushriq or Munafiq and deserves the same treatment as an infidel or worse”. The Islam of Pakistani Mindset is the separatist Islam about which Dr. Ambedkar said “Islam can never allow a true Muslim to adopt India as his motherland and regard a Hindu as his kith & kin” and “wherever there is rule of Islam, there is his own country”. The Pakistani mindset is the same mindset which led to assassination of Rajpal for Rangila Rasool by Ilm-ud-din and which led Allama Iqbal to write an eulogy for Ilm-ud-din stating “We sat idle while this carpenter’s son took the lead”.

We must understand that when terrorist like Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed pledges to kill Hindus and build Babri Masjid, they are not just against Indian Army or Ram Temple, they are against Bharat and its great civilization. They are against the incredible diversity, progress, harmony and culture of Bharat. They just cannot bear the fact that India has survived and fought with ‘Breaking India’ forces for thousands of years and is still the same great Bharat. To protect our Bharat and its civilization we do not need to blindly follow Gandhi ji who after Mopla riots justified Moplas as “Brave god fearing Mopla who were fighting for what they considered as religious and in a manner which they considered as religious”, rather we need to follow the principles of Shri Krishna who preaches to fight Adharmic forces with full strength and no fear.

We must be clear that anyone who uses secularism to harm Bharat and its civilizational values and who promotes the Pakistani mindset is as dangerous to nation as any terrorist. This is a war of our existence. This is a war where we don’t have liberty to loose, this is a war we must win in all circumstances. This is the War of Civilization.

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