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Here are some quick and surprising facts about Narendra Modi’s family which prove that he is untouched by corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics

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People, especially the first time voters in India must know a little about the history of several politicians in India and how their family and extended family has swelled its wealth, power and authority after they came to power.  This truth, the people of India must compare with the family details of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Once the above TRUTH is understood, Narendra Modi or BJP need not even campaign in 2019 the people of India will stand in queue to vote for Modi.

The aim of the article is to show the truth about Narendra Modi and how his family is placed despite he being in power in Gujarat as its Chief Minister and then became the dearest Prime Minister of India.

A cursory look will tell how the dynastic politician Rahul Gandhi, his brother in Law, his mother, all are alleged to have amassed wealth, evaded tax and obviously are on bail/facing interrogation.

Similarly those who recollect the humble origin of late Karunanidhi of DMK are ironically not interested to discuss about how his children and members of the extended family became so rich today? Such comparison and question would help the first time voters in India as why they should vote for Narendra Modi and not for the dynastic politics.

Here are the ground truths.

Sombhai Modi, 76 years is working as priest in Sirdi Sai Temple in an old age home run by Sarvodaya Seva Trust. He blows the conch shell in the temple, even today. No change has happened to his life, finance or luxury even after Narendra Modi became Chief Minister of Gujarat and then Prime Minister of India. Sombhai Modi lives a humble life full of satisfaction, servitude and humility. He never ever wants to be known to the world as brother of Narendra Modi because he believes that such an attempt may unnecessary embroil Narendra Modi into dynastic politics.

The first cousin of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ashokbhai is a cook in Sevashram in Vad-Nagar and his wife Vimalaben Modi is engaged in washing the utensils and thus the family earns Rs.4000 to Rs.5000 per month to take care of their three daughters and a son. He sells kites and firecrackers during festival season to make some additional earning.

The younger sister of Narendra Modi, Vasantiben and her husband Hansumukh bhai Modi, a retired LIC employee are living in Vishnagar, in a humble way.

The younger brother of PM Modi, Pankajbhai Modi is a state government employee and is known to the world only because the mother of PM Modi, Heeraben is staying with him and PM Modi used to visit his mother often.

Another elder brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amruthbhai had retired from a private company as a fitter in 2005 and is settled near Ahmadabad.

None of the family members – close or distant relatives have got any undue favour from Narendra Modi either directly or indirectly. The rise of PM Modi has not changed the life of his family members and that clearly shows that he remains honest, straight forward and is never engaged in nepotism or corrupt practices.

He believes firmly in India, honesty, governance, sab ka vikas and the interest of the nation above his family. Further PM Modi also believes that his role as Prime Minister of India is meant to serve the nation and not his family or help the family members to loot money from public exchequer, evade tax and fix deals from 2G or coal allocation or from Adarsh or CWG. Nor PM Modi has ever misused his power and authority to amass wealth like the dynast through Herald Press.

Look at the family tree of Karunanidhi and how it had expanded financially in the last 5 decades.  The question is why many historically rich families in Tamil Nadu have not grown so rich like the members of Karunanidhi in the last 5 decades?

Look at the family of Narendra Modi. All the members of the family are one among the millions of Indians. He is such an honest and straight forward leader. Unfortunately the meritless dynast is calling such honest PM, a thief. People of India must punish all those dynastic parties and those Tukade Tukade gangs which want to grab power to loot money and engage in nepotism.

For PM Modi, India comes first, but for the dynasts, their family comes first.

For PM Modi, development of the nation comes first, for the dynasts, development of own family comes first.

For PM Modi, sab ka vikas comes first, but for the dynasts, the vikas of its family members comes first.

For PM Modi, empowering poor people and make them aspirational Indian comes first, but for the dynasts, disempowering the poor and make them feel hopeless and look for freebies and money for vote comes first.

Millions of people, especially the first time voters in India must recognize the truth and must elect Narendra Modi to save India, free India from corruption and corrupt politicians, the politics of dynasty and nepotism. Let us save India, elect Narendra Modi led BJP.

Tamil Nadu needs the vision and dream of Amma and not the hate and negativism dominant politics and politics of anti-God, anti-Hindu and anti-Brahminsism. The AIADMK government headed by EPS is governing the state in the best way to fulfil all dreams of Amma. The dynastic politics in Tamil Nadu is if elected would certainly destroy the state.

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