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An Admirable Act by the much Adored-Prime Minister

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G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

“INDIA STRIKES BACK” – these three words sounded as a matter of great pride to all Indians. As soon as the people heard about the predawn attacks carried out by the Indian Air Force on JeM terror camps and destroying them successfully, in the early morning of 26th Feb at Balakot, that valiant act had aroused emotive high spirits to all Indians and taken them to dizzy heights in jubilation. For, India i.e. Bharat has been bearing brunt of Pak-sponsored terrorism all the while patiently. Of late, the Pulwama deadly massacre by Jaish-e-Mohammed and the coffin-laid bodies of more than 40 young Indian soldiers with cries at cremation site by the near and dear was supposedly the last nail in the coffin of JeM.

The prime minister of the country said the soldiers’ sacrifice would not go in vain. He wanted to avenge it and he did it and proved it. If he had not done, PM Modi would not have been PM Modi for the faith and trust people have in him as a strong leader! He was once a foot-soldier of a nationalistic organisation and still he possesses the same enthusiasm. No wonder that was the reason he built the National War Memorial to slain soldiers of Independent India at a rapid pace in his tenure.

Nationalism is an extreme commitment to the nation. Soldiers are our backbone as they give their lives to protect the nation. JeM dared to kill them (albeit in a cowardly way) and hence invited the retort at an equal measure. All the world nations reprimanded Pakistan for having those Jihadi-terror factories. At the behest of USA, Pakistan bans its cardinal terror-org, JeM on and off.

Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) works with a single-minded determination of uniting Kashmir with Pakistan. This group has sophisticated weapons and it effectively carried out 2001 attack on Parliament in New Delhi and 2016 in Pathonkot. It is, in fact, as an army general stated, the baccha (child) of Pakistani-Army. Though officially banned by Pakistan for the outside world, JeM still has the support of that country. For Pakistan it is a good-terror organisation as it helps the country and has close links to Pakistan security establishment. JeM helped Pakistan in fighting its own war against Pakistani Taliban. That way, it is a friendly terror group and is used by that country against India, a sworn enemy.

JeM-Head Masood Azhar is a banned terrorist by America, France and other European countries. Pakistan’s ban, occasionally, on JeM is to please those nations, not India. When it comes to India, Pakistan is more coarse, atavistic and uncivil. In this hide and seek —of ban-yet-support attitude towards JeM, Pakistan denied its hand in Pulwama massacre and delayed its reaction to the incident. However, the JeM in its bravado claimed immediately that it did it using a home-grown Kashmiri young Indian. Rightly, the JeM deserves the airstrike.

Since Pakistan never admits India’s proof and calls the dossiers submitted from time to time as Indian literature, India itself took the charge of punishing the JeM so as such terror attacks would not recur. Indian intelligence has enough signals to that effect that the terror acts would be repeated (by JeM). All along, the JeM and Pakistan have taken Indian patience and resilience as weakness. Now, they have seen the resolve of the nation to take head-on the terror-perpetrator-groups, as India felt enough is enough.


Coming to escalation of tension-part between the two-countries, as both being nuclear weapon-states what would happen?- it is still an open-ended question. Pakistan being a rogue state, India never confronted with it earlier. India took the path of development by ignoring Pakistan and its provocations. India all the while tried to absorb the ghastly acts perpetrated by Pakistan and moved on. Always, Jihadi terrorists are armed to teeth by Pakistani army and never allowed peace to prevail in Kashmir valley and in turn rest of the India. Their object of “bleed India with thousand cuts” is unhindered. Hence, at some point, India has to take action. Now, this was the occasion with a strong reason behind.

Pakistan says lies without batting an eye-lid. It ignores Indian Air-strike as a minor inconspicuous event. However, the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan issued a statement of revenge. He complained against India to the Organisation of Islamic Countries also. He is weighing his options.Wars costs dearly for both the countries.

Going to history, the partition of India, itself was a wrong unnecessary act. The Congress specially the first PM, Jawaharlal Nehru hurriedly made it to happen. Had the Bharat been Akhand (united) we would have all lived together. Instead of these wars, we would have had some small communal squirms and clashes occasionally. Where did this partition lead us to? In India, there are more Muslims than in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. By and large, India is peaceful. A peaceful nation progresses. Pakistan is a nuisance and an unnecessary creation by the British and the Congress. The past erroneous creation of a creature called Pakistan is haunting us Indians with its daunting terror groups.


Anyway, it is wise to live in the present. Hopefully, the United Nations and other elite world countries prevail upon Pakistan and bring the situation to normalcy. For India, eternal vigilance is the only solution.

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G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

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