A federal front in 2019?

Few months are left for general election in India. All parties are trying to woo public by all means be it regional aspirations or religion or some caste matrix.

Coming to national party Congress, once ruling all India, now has shrunk to regional party level. However, all partyman have high hopes this time, with new energy, that they got from recently concluded three states’ election.

However, political analysts say that this win was because of anti incumbency of previous government and not because of the efforts of Congress’ national president.

Anyway a win is a win. Be it small but far enough to boost demotivated Congress soldiers to stand again.

They have left minority appeasement for some time and running behind majority vote bank.

Their current reaction on Ayodhya case distruption is a big drawback. People have understood their tantrum and mostly will not buy it.

Rahul Gandhi is trying to form a coalition opposition but regional party chiefs have bigger aspirations than his and it is reflecting in current political scenario.

Down south, regional party YSR Congress, TDP, JDU are trying to form coalition leaving Congress outside. In East, Mamata and Biju Patnayak have other dreams and Hindi heartland SP and BSP coming together without Congress make a question mark on Indian National Congress’ future.

BJP on other hand has so much in it’s kitty and a great coalition which includes credible leaders with great track records.

They have made inroads to North East and it’s going to be fruitful.

Talking about achievement they can highlights in election are different and popular schemes like Ujjawala Yojna, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Mudra Yojna, Modi-care, RERA in real state, cheap home loans, Swachta Abhiyan, MSP increase for farmers, Fasal Bima Yojna, OROP, Surgical Strike to name a few and the master stroke of EWS reservation lately, where opposition has nothing to oppose. BJP is making in roads of minority houses, fighting for equal gender justice by introducing triple talaq bill and passing it in parliament.

Except Ayodhya issue, they have a lot to present to Indian public in election where as opposition together has nothing except Modi Hathao Abhiyan. They don’t have any policy or common minimum program to fight with Modi.

They know alone they can not fight Modi and therefore they’re compromising their agenda, cadre and making long time enemy a friend however temporarily, vouching for coalition.

In democracy it is required to have fair election and everybody should participate. It should not be one sided. Fight is going to be really good but result seems to be in favor of NDA.

In case opposition wins 2019 election, what future are they going to give to India? who will be the PM? How long will the government last? These are the questions of every common man of India.

I wish all parties all the best for general election 2019.

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