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Isn’t Mahaghatbandhan legitimizing inefficiency?

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I am a student of Sri Rama First Grade College,Kalladka

“If you cannot convince them then confuse them” as said by Ex President of US Harry Truman seems to be an agenda of so called Mahagathbandhan/Federal Front which has got first setback  in Telangana Assembly polls.

Following the above mentioned tactic bitter enemies have joined their hands! As said by Prime Minster Narendra Modi, it’s a leaderless and policy less alliance. I think ‘Modi Hatao’ is the sole slogan cum policy cum agenda of this ‘Kichdi’ alliance and remember “Kichdi” is favourite dish of PM Modi. And propaganda is of course jumla of “Rafale”.

Coalition politics was termed in a viral video as legitimizing inefficiency it seems to be true on part of Mahagathbandhan. The spokespersons of the above cited alliance become red faced when this particular coalition is titled ‘Unholy’, most of the regional parties are factions of the Janata Dal which was formed with an intention to keep INC away. Now if they create mutual understanding, it’s contrary to basic idea behind their formation. Isn’t it unholy?

Yes, it’s not an unconstitutional as our constitution makes provision for the same. It’s unnatural cum unethical cum unholy cum immoral! Okay, let’s assume that if this oxymoron phenomenon comes true, who is to be the Prime Minister, is remains to be million dollar question. The sole remedy would be the PM selection on rotation basis i.e, 6 PMs for a week let’s take for illustration on Monday Mayawati,on Tuesday Mamata Banerjee,on Wednesday Yadavs, on Thursday Yachury, on Friday Pawar and on weekends Rahul Gandhi.

In recent Mahagathbandhan meeting SP and BSP were absent. Uttar Pradesh acts a major role in parliamentary elections. This alliance can possibly restrict winning horse of BJP only if it takes major number of seats in UP and it can be done only if they take together SP and BSP.

Quarrel amongst this alliance has already creeped in and hence it proved to be non entity. The nation had already witnessed National front (1989-1991) and United Front (1996-1998).

In the above cited fronts India became a victim of unstable  governments and 4 PMs (V.P Singh, Chandrashekar, H.D Devegowda & I.K Gujral) lost in snake and ladder games.

Mahaghatbandhan can be a substitute to UPA but this would lead to association of YSRC, AIADMK in alteration to TDP & DMK. It’s a wonder to witness how TMC – CPI(M), LDF-UDF, SP-BSP, NC-PDP & INC-JDS and other rivals in respective states face toil and trouble of seat sharing!

TDP & RLSP might have moved out of the NDA but the NDA has other strong allies like SAD, JD(U) etc and even though ShivSena has left NDA it will never join either UPA or Mahaghatbandhan.

Top leaders might adjust or wear the mask of cooperation and support but how do volunteers react? This fancy dress of Mahaghatbandhan is not permanent but temporary and they are acting as per proverb ‘Foe’s Foe is a Friend’! In reality people know if they (rivals) are United then it’s only to rescue themselves from shortage of party funds due to simultaneous defeats. If they think people will vote them by exhibition of unity it’s their (Mahaghatbandhan) foolishness.

Hack: Pandavas are less in number in contrary Kauravas are more in number and remember Modi is single i.e, less. At last who will win?

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I am a student of Sri Rama First Grade College,Kalladka
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