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Here is why BJP’s mission 2019 is an arduous task ahead

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The adage can’t make more sense than today considering the shocking results of the elections of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Chattisgarh. Its no doubt a serious setback for the ruling BJP and it wouldn’t be preposterous to add that this might have been the worst day in the electoral history for BJP in recent times and also that 2019 is a herculean task ahead. If at all anything positive that will emanate from this debacle is that BJP hopefully gets more vigilant, sharp  and cognizant about things if at all they are serious about returning to power.

Running through today’s results so far it seems like the Telangana results have clearly shown the TRS is a party that’s here to stay. The first attempt in Gathbandhan heralded by TDP-Congress  has failed miserably with KCR walking away with a comfortable win. Congress has been wiped off from North East.

So where and when it started falling apart for the BJP?

The UP elections was a brilliant victory nothing short of saying that it was home run, despite the opposition, the left leaning liberal media and other parties pinning every blame on demonetization ranging from deaths in hospitals, heart attacks due to standing in lines and all such absurd theories. The first hint of trouble came in the form of Gujarat results. The very own home state of the Indian prime minister that elevated him to where he is today. The BJP scored a victory but the seats were considerably less compared to the 2012 win. The Congress was frighteningly close and the fact that it made sharp inroads in what was considered to be the bastion of the BJP was enough for many to be alarmed.

Then came Karnataka where it couldn’t form a govt. The Congress – JDS grabbed the opportunity and formed their govt. The ever loyal media turned it into another opportunity to showcase how the “master strategist” Amit Shah despite all his political maneuvering was not able to form a government and was brought to his knees. Make no mistake the perception layout was set which the Congress fully exploited that to their advantage. Hard core BJP supporters may not agree but the ground reality is different. People started giving room for thought if BJP is really worth their votes and if Congress was surging closer. The by polls held after that where Congress won with a huge margin was another shot in the arm for Congress and a major setback for BJP.

Today’s polls are nothing but an intense sequel to what happened in past few elections. The defeats are snowballing and unless the BJP and its think tanks do something to turn things around its going to be a tough battle ahead.

Problems as observed by common people. (Just a random analysis):

Communication: One key area where the BJP has miserably failed and faltered which has resulted in a lot of damage. Starting from 2014 there have been enough instances where the media has twisted words or quotes and resulted in massive embarrassments for the BJP. Though the truth may be uncovered later by the social media teams who vigorously defend the party leaders, the management or party bigwigs have zero interest in rectifying things or taking any suitable action against it. Its a known fact that the media is not friends with BJP. The GST is a very effective tax reform for the public and when it was introduced there was no effort taken by BJP to let the people know how and where it works. There were enough instances where restaurants ripped off customers and people were unhappy as they themselves were not aware how the GST worked.

Same for the Asifa case right before the Karnataka elections. There was a lot of misinformation being spread targeting everything from religion to the safety of women under BJP rule. All suddenly stopped after the Karnataka elections. In fact the lawyer who took up that case and was hailed as a heroine has ended up being a mockery now after she was sacked by the aggrieved family. Now she is reduced to whining on twitter by tagging the regular bunch of journalists saying this or that.

The Rafale issue that’s being peddled by the Congress and its loyal media. To this day its yet to show any concrete evidence of any corruption but the BJPs weak defence and clumsy handling has worsened matters and changed the perception against them among the common people .

Anti corruption Stand: The BJP came to power in 2014 primarily due to the corruption done by congress over the last decade they ruled. The BJP made good use of this and made it an important tool to gather votes in which it succeeded. Prime Minister Modi himself had made it clear that the guilty will be punished. Its been nearly 5 years since the PM has taken over the mantle but not one Congress leader has faced the brunt of any corruption done. Most of the corrupt opposition leaders who were terrified of seeing Modi in the center seem relaxed now with most of their worries having evaporated. Even the ED raided Robert Vadra recently after all this time and the party has lost its standing in Rajasthan thereby making it doubtful if any action will happen after all. The grand old party Congress has been in existence for decades and it goes without saying they have effectively played well when it comes to handling their opponents while in power.

As a common man it makes a difference because in his opinion the center has everything at its disposal whether its the investigating agencies, the ED or whoever required. Its been 4 years and the centre was asleep on acting on any of the corrupt leaders or scamsters of the UPA era which makes any average voter think. An average voter may not be concerned about India’s political clout whether India gets Vijay Mallya or Christian Michel extradited. The result is what matters. If they fail to convict anyone in the Agusta Westland scandal then their anti corruption stand will be in tatters with the opposition quickly claiming its a political witch hunt.Given the strategy and effective communication of Congress it wouldn’t be a big problem for them. If they can give headaches to the BJP abt any non existent scam in Rafale then it’s clear what they are capable of.

The recent results have conclusively proved that Congress is still a force to reckon with. It was down but not out. The Gujarat, Karnataka and today’s elections have only emboldened them. Modi wave no longer exists. No matter no speech or jingoism will help. If it did it was before 2014 not now. The ground reality has changed. People need a robust government and that is what they voted for in 2014. People need to see some action on what was promised and what has been delivered. People voted for a strong Prime Minister who had impressed everyone with his no nonsense attitude, administration and developments in Gujarat but today many are disillusioned with his silence. Many had expected a strong stand against the Maoists, Naxals and the Kashmir terrorists. But so far the govt has failed in communicating with the masses about anything done on that front. The arrest of so called Urban-Naxals was again showed as a vendetta battle by the Center against law abiding citizens. If its botched up then that is enough ammo for the opposition to harp on.

The moves of the next few months are crucial as they will culminate in the results that will determine the destiny of next electoral battle.

Neo Nair  🇮🇳 @fighter_nair

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