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ED raids at Rahul Gandhi’s “Rajdaar” locations

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Kamlesh Kumar Ojha
Kamlesh Kumar Ojha
I am Journalist

The Enforcement Directorate on Friday raided several locations of Robert Vadra -the Brother-in-law Of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, ED also raided Vadra aides in Bengaluru, says reports.

Mr. Robert Vadra’s Lawyer Suman Khaitan alleged that ED raided Vadra Properties around 9 O’clock in Morning Time in a dictatorial style, Suman Khaitan also said the ED officers Locked our peoples of Skylight Hospitality inside, and they are not allowing anyone to meet them. Is this Nazism? Is this a jail?

Khaitan, who is Robert Vadra’s lawyer said the properties illegally targeted by ED Officials including his client’s Sukhdev Vihar office, and residence of two associates. it was completely illegal. Even the ED officials did not wait for open the office, according to law ED has to do so.

Probe team illegally broken the door and entered inside office, they also broken locks of the all cabins in the office, they was inside office since 8 to 9 am, ED officials did not permitted neither lawyers nor representative into office.

This raids conducted as the part of ongoing investigation into Land deal against Robert Vadra, these raids are big blow For Gandhi Family, Already investigation underway against UPA chairperson sonia Gandhi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi in AJL-Herald case, both are on bail in this case. According to ED Officials, Vadra’s Skylight Hospitality purchased 69.55 hectares of land for 72 lakh and sold it to Allegeny Finlease in 5.15 crore fraudulently earning profit of 4.43 crore.

Robert Vadra insists his innocence, maintaining that The PM Narendra Modi Victimising him and his associates. Vadra also said this Government trying to tarnish his image.

Congress cries conspiracy against Gandhi Family and politically motivated, revenge and vendetta action taken by ED against Mr. Vadra.

Former CM Of Jammu and Kashmir Omar abdullah did not missed this occasion to hits out at Narendra Modi Government, Mr Abdullah questioned the timing of raids, he twitted, “The Enforcement Directorate has done a damn fine job taking attention away from the exit polls, maha polls & polls of polls”

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Kamlesh Kumar Ojha
Kamlesh Kumar Ojha
I am Journalist
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