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Leftist agenda on firecrakers: Eco-friendly or anti Hindu?

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The Axiom
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This is just a point of view as an ordinary man. Since a couple of weeks, there are discussions and debates all over the place on the Supreme Court’s decision on imposing limitations over firecrackers. Which, every Pseudo Liberals took as an opportunity to interfere with the Hindu Festival and run their Anti–Hindu agenda. In my article, I am questioning such Pseudo Liberals and Media Houses

So first, I would like to analyze the real motive, if these people are so concerned about the environment or they are being an opportunist. People say the reason is pollution or is it pollution? It’s hard for me to believe. Why do I say this? Let’s take a look, let’s examine the situation.

Firecrackers, are set-off or busted mainly during the four days of Diwali. That is on Dhanteras, Kali Chaudas, Laxmi Pujan and Hindu New Year. Out of which, typically most of the fireworks are done on Laxmi Pujan, which is the third and most important day of Diwali.

A few people, also do fireworks on other days, as well but not as many as on Laxmi Pujan. The majority of fireworks takes place between 6 PM – 11 PM. That’s five hours each day, for four days (using a higher approximation) not everyone set-off or burst firecrackers all four days. That is roughly, twenty hours of fireworks, give or take another four hours, for people who really are resistant to believe the calculation. Making it roughly twenty-four hours of fireworks. That is one whole day of Fireworks. People say setting-off or bursting firecrackers is polluting the environment. It’s possible, but not the only or biggest cause though. But why does this feel like an Anti- Hindu or selective cry for the environment?

Why do I say, selective cry and Anti-Hindu? First, let’s take a quick look at some Pollution Control acts.

Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, 1981 (Air)

This Act was designed to counter the problems associated with air pollution, air quality standards were established, under the 1981 Act. Under the Act, establishing or operating of any industrial plant in the pollution control area requires consent from state boards. The boards are also expected to test the air, in air pollution control areas, inspect pollution control equipment, and manufacturing processes.

Environment Protection Act – 1986 (EPA)

Various aspects of pollution from Vehicles have been notified under the EPA of 1986. Mass emission standards were notified in 1990, which were made more stringent in 1996.

Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974

The Act prohibits the discharge of pollutants into bodies of water, beyond a given standard, and establishes penalties for non-compliance. This Act was amended in 1988, to accommodate the provisions of the EPA, 1986.

Even after all the Acts were imposed and laws were enacted, the pollution control was never properly implemented and strictly enforced. As a result, the Air and Water quality, have gone from bad to worst.
Even after the Supreme Court’s ruling, “Factories cannot operate without proper treatment plants” to limit water pollution and to impose strict pollution controls. It states, “People, Not Industries are more Important” which was never truly enforced by local authorities.

Factories small to medium, to large-scale run without proper treatment plants, resulting in the discharge of toxic chemical/ Industrial waste in India’s various bodies of water. Similarly, construction and proper maintenance of Chimneys., have not implemented according to the set codes and regulation.
Also, the quality and maintenance of machinery, which results in noise pollution.

Most of these factories, run non-stop twenty-four hours a day, all year round. Which calculates to approximately, 8760 Hours of non-stop, all types of pollution including hazardous gas and residue flushed in the air and water bodies. However, wise intellectuals are so concerned about setting off or busting firecrackers for a mere 24 hours, in a Year. These same individuals, barely ever raise the issues of the 8760 hours of non-stop toxic pollutants pumped into our Eco-system every year, unceasingly.

You might think in spite of all the laws and local authorities in place, with functioning field inspections, why is it still not imposed. It is an open secret, why some of these enforcement officials and Inspectors retire Millionaire in Rupees.

As for vehicular pollution, although as per the Pollution Under Control Law, all Motor Vehicles are required a PUC emission certificate. Which is “Required” by law, however as per my observation, there are still such privately owned PUC centres operating which will write down a certificate for little additional money, even if the vehicle is not compliant under PUC law. Similarly, with the elderly aged vehicles, which are allowed on roads by Traffic cops for a little bit of hush money.

Other Celebrations:
Non-Hindu celebrations and day-to-day religious activities, which contributes to overall pollution are often ignored. When, Yogi Adityanath, came up with guidelines for sacrificing animals during Bakri Eid, which was based on pollution, these same pseudo-liberals cried of freedom to practice religion.

My question to all these media houses and leftist is why you all do not come out and have the same enthusiasm and aggression and work persistently against all other causes of pollution? Yes, there are few activists who do, however, this entire big lobby who all of a sudden became Messiah of the environment, do not take up these issues and protest for other pollution issues.

Their motives will be less questionable, if I would have seen same concern across the board, for all types of pollution, regardless of the type of pollution, place of pollution, Religion, Caste and Creed. Including corruption which is the biggest pollutant. However, these same people do not cooperate when government want to rage a war against black money and nag against Demonetization which was a big step towards fighting corruption.

To conclude, this entire lobby who is fussing relentlessly seems to be selective on issues they want to raise voice for, in this issue they are not concerned about the environment but about their anti-Hindu agenda.

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The Axiom
The Axiom
Writer, Vlogger, Hotelier, Loves Cultural Anthropology.
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