Tuesday, July 16, 2024


Firecracker Ban

Why bursting cracker is important for maintaining the secular fabric of the nation

It appears that the vigorous liberal lobby of the nation wants to destroy this secular bond. That is why they have been strongly inventing one or the other reasons to remove all fun elements from our festivals.

How ‘they’ make ‘us’ feel guilty for celebrating ‘our’ festivals

It is rather painful to see the illogical and shrill campaign gathering momentum against all Hindu festivals. Particularly in the case of Deepavali (or Diwali), it has taken off like a Diwali aerial shot.

Here is why Delhi-NCR’s air pollution has worsen this year

A better air quality was expected this Diwali following the SC Order. What followed was quite the opposite. Read why.

Leftist agenda on firecrakers: Eco-friendly or anti Hindu?

This entire lobby who is fussing relentlessly seems to be selective on issues they want to raise voice for, in this issue they are not concerned about the environment but about their anti-Hindu agenda.

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