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Hyderabad Water Board is established to quench our thirst or squeeze our purse?

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TR Madhavan
TR Madhavan
Self employed, Social Service, Citizen Journalist, Blogger

The Happy Homes Residential Complex Voters of PS 128 and 129 (Upparpally) of 51 AC Rajendra nagar Assembly Segment, Opp. Pillar No. 185 PVNR Expressway, Hyderabad-500048, under the auspicious of Happy Homes Apartments Flat Owners United Central Association held a meeting on the water crisis they are facing last 3 to 4 years to chalk out strategy and place their demands before all the contestants and contesting political parties.

The association President Mr. Srinivasa, in briefed the members – as you all aware that our 9 blocks residential complex had applied for the drinking water connection and the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Board Approved and submitted Final Feasibility Report, File No. 2017-5-516 dt: 28/6/2017.

After several months wait the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Board had given the Approved Intimation For Payment by GM (SWC) dt: 20/1/2018 – as per ED’s Note No. 53/GM(E) SWC, dt: 16/1/2018 related our File No. 2017-5-516 dt: 28/6/ 2017. The order valid till 18/3/2018.

After a detailed discussion on the Intimation of payment we flat owners felt the charges levied by the board are unaffordable and started continuously pursuing the issue of seeking relaxation of payments to avail the drinking water connection with the board and the Telangana government.

The two different versions of the Hyderabad Metro Water Supply Board’s Officials email dt: 31/07/2018, 1st one states that, “With reference to your mail, it is to inform you that the application received on the name “HAPPY HOMES TOWERS 1 TO 6, PALACE A,B,C F/OW/A” for water and sewerage connection vide File No. 2017-5-516 on 02.05.2017. Adverting to the above application the premises has inspected the General Manager (E) along with the DGM and Manager, and observed that the said premises is 240m away from the existing water line, total plot area 16608 Sqm, total plinth area 44600 Sqm, 9 apartment blocks with total number of residential flats 715 Nos, and also collected the necessary documents. With the above field observations and as per Board norms this file was considered under Bulk category with necessary improvement charges for the length of 240 Rmt. After necessary process the proceedings for payment charges (of amount Rs. 1,65,31,300=00) has issued the competent authority and the same report was submitted earlier.”

2nd one of Dy.General Manager, Sub.Dn.I, O&M Dn.16, wrote to the association stating, “it is to inform you that your request for relaxation of connection charges is the policy decision we are helpless in this matter, if you get the relaxation from the Government with necessary orders we can provide the water supply connection, till then we cannot provide.”

Contrary to the above all board letter – on 16/08/2018 Single Window Cell states as follows;

“While enclosing a copy of Email reference cited it is to submit that as per your application vide file number 2017-5-516 for new connection for 100mm is sanctioned for an amount of Rs.1, 65, 31,300.00 for 357.50 KLD. Further to your request for relaxation of norms of the HMWSSB related MSB Water Connection Revised order, in this regard it is to inform that all the charges intimated in the proceedings are as per our Board norms.”

Basing on above these different statements the association again wrote to Telangana government to consider our request which are as follows; per size agreed giving relaxation of payment all other charges levied as per mentioned in the intimation of payment issued to us.

2. as each block has different number of constructed flats – Tower 1 – 100, Tower 2 – 80, Tower 3, 4 & 5 – 60, Tower 6 – 50, Palace A – 105, Palace B – 95 & Palace C – 100, Sir, we, please be provided a sub metered drinking water connection from main bulk supply meter point to each block,

  1. Under Bulk Meter CAN ac, instead one bulk consumption bill, each block be issued separate monthly consumption bill necessary payment to the board by individual block association.

    4. Relaxation be given to us on Clauses 7, 8 and 9, because while handing over the each block to the respective association, the builder has not provided the Rain Water Harvesting structure and the Occupancy Certificate.

Mr. TR. Madhavan a flat owner who is more actively involved in this issue process said “Almost all the Telangana party leaders were cursing of before bifurcation governments for neglecting Telangana region development especially on water issue. But, after the formation of Telangana state, when pleaded for relaxation in the acts and rules for Multi Storied residential buildings drinking water connection the water board washes off its hands and says matter has to be decided by the Telangana state government, but hasn’t responded and nor the elected representatives took any initiative to talk to the government on reviewing of charges levies to make the connection an affordable one to all types of multi storied residential building.”

“When the new government of Telangana brought various changes in acts and rules of previous governments, the need of the hour is to bring in amendments in Water Board Proceedings and Guidelines for New Water Connection especially under Category II related multistoried residential buildings which are enacted before 2014 (MD’s Procs. No. 24/E/1/97/2003-dt: 30/01/2013).”

Mr. Madhavan said, “Because of existing working out charges and levies cost of an apartment dwelling becomes higher and recurring expenditure per occupant drastically shoots up for especially for drinking water than the billing amount as per monthly consumption.”

He questioned the government and the officials, “When the water supply is going to from the same main lines and same time limit up to the sump point of any individual house or multi storied residential complex, Fixed Amount according to dia and plot size should be made affordable or not especially to the MSRB consumers?”

Mr. Madhavan said in written representation sent to all contestants and contesting parties of Rajendranagar assembly constituency, in the coming elections asking them whether agree or disagree on the following points raised by the residents;

  1. Do you agree Fixed amounts should be Rs. 1.5 lakhs for 20mm, Rs. 2.5 lakhs for 25mm, Rs. 3.5 lakhs for 40mm, Rs. 4.5 lakhs for 50mm, Rs. 5.5 lakhs for 75mm and Rs. 7.5 lakhs for 100mm.
  2. The clause “Rate per each square meter of plot area in excess of the column (3) which is to be added to fixed amounts in column (5)” should be relaxed or not?
  3. Under Category III Bulk Supplies vide Memo. No. MD/HMWSSB/BM-20/Bulk Supplies/2011, Dt: 12/09/2011, Relaxation are needed related to charges of sewerage connection, improvement, green brigade, rain water harvesting and source improvement to make the connection affordable. Yes or no.
  4. When private water suppliers are able to supply at the doorstep ₹ 1/- per litre, the piped water supplied by the water is on the higher side. Because of such rules and charges of water board private drinking water suppliers out beat the quasi government establishment. Do yourself agree or disagree?
  5. As yourself going to be one of the lawmakers shortly don’t you think there should be rethinking and refixing on all present levies and charges for multi storied residential buildings?
  6. Multi storied residential buildings which have come up prior to merger of surrounding municipalities with GHMC wherein no drinking water main lines were not available on date of occupancy by the inmates should be given relaxation on priority basis or not?   
  7. Mr. Srinivasa said “as the campaign is on and whenever candidates come for door to door campaign in the complex do expect the candidate will give their views on the points raised and hope they give an assurance to persue and resolve the issue within 100 days after the formation of new government.”

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TR Madhavan
TR Madhavan
Self employed, Social Service, Citizen Journalist, Blogger
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