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Cross pathy– The autoimmune disease of AYUSH, MoAyush must step in

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Autoimmune diseases are extremely difficult to treat and at best they can only be managed.  When one suffer autoimmune diseases or disorder, the own defence system fights against own defence cells by recognising them as pathogen. It means own immunity instead of offering protection, harming the system.

If we stretch and extrapolate the above scientific facts to AYUSH, cross pathy by several institutionally qualified AYUSH vaidyas in private practice are the one virtually destroying the AYUSH like how the own immune cells destroy own system as in the case of autoimmune diseases.

The concept and philosophy of AYUSH is quite amazing and it cannot be compared or equated with science. Faith, spirituality and divinity are the pillars of AYUSH and not laboratory experiment or pharmacological studies or pharmacokinetic analysis. The ultimate spirit of AYUSH lies in faith and human relationship to support every individual to attain higher levels of consciousness.   AYUSH Vaidyas are supposed to have total wisdom of a psychologist, psychiatrist and anthropologist to understand the human mind and body. Further AYUSH Vaidyas act like the link or bridge between man and God to anchor human mind upon spirituality, self-discipline and happy at the being level.

The paramedical essentials of AYUSH are extremely relevant even today. AYUSH is the only health care philosophy in the world that tells to treat even food as medicine. 15,000 years ago, the human population was extremely less, the resources were abundant, mortality rate was high but still the eternal science called AYUSH warrant people to treat food as medicine. It means, AYUSH always want people not to become glutton, wants people to conserve the resources, want people to focus human relationship, peace, acceptance, moral values, spiritual values, self-discipline etc., to remain healthy and happy.

Today we are in great need of AYUSH paramedical service. Indian has about 8 lakh AYUSH vaidyas and if all of them engage in practicing own system than cross pathy, India will be the only country in the world to be healthy, happy and prosperous.

But several institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice are acting like autoimmune disorder affecting the credibility and value of AYUSH by engaging in cross pathy. They promote a system that they have not studied, has limited value than the faith based healing practice that they were taught over 5 years or more.

On the contrary, many of our spiritual masters are inculcating spiritual values among people and are advising the present generation to follow certain recipes to remain healthy and thereby promoting AYUSH. But many institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas are working against the system may be due to ignorance and or greed by engaging in cross pathy.

Narendra Modi as soon as become Prime Minister of India made an appeal in 2014 to all AYUSH Vaidyas to feel proud about own system and abstain from cross pathy.  PM Modi also created a separate ministry for AYUSH. But nothing has worked much to transform AYUSH or take AYUSH to the next level and obviously due to cross pathy by several institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice.

Unless the cross pathy is dealt severely, we cannot either promote AYUSH or achieve total and complete health care where body and mind are taken together in the treatment process. The paramedical and pre-medical benefits of AYUSH India should not loose forever due to cross pathy.

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